National Youth League - 2009/2010 - Season 2

AIS lose out when the better team
By Nick Guoth

2009/2010 National Youth League - Round 21
3:00pm, Sunday 24 January, 2010
at AIS Athletic Track, Canberra

Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) 1
(Mustafa Amini 32')
lost to
Brisbane Roar FC 2
(Timothy Smits 54', Matthew Mundy 89')

The AIS and Brisbane met for the second time in a month at the AIS. At the beginning of January a pair of Isaka Cernak strikes separated the two teams. The result was similar, but the game was totally different.

Unike the match earlier in the year, the AIS opened up with a lot more confidence and attacked at will. If it was not for the stray shooting, especially by Aaron Peterson, the scoreline at the break would have been larger.

Peterson's first effort came about in the 5th minute after Mustafa Amini won a ball near the penalty area and presented it to his fellow striker. Yet, Peterson, with only the keeper to beat, was unable to put the ball away.

Brisbane, in one of their rare forays that threatened the AIS goal, were unlucky following a free-kick from Luke Bratten. The ball slid around the wall, but was unable to sneak inside of the post, rebounding from the left upright back into play.

From that stage on, the AIS dominated the play, especially in the midfield. The return of Trent Sainsbury and Stephen Domenici was significant in the performance.

The AIS threatened on many occasions. At the half-hour, Domenici was presented with a chance after a stray Brisbane pass found Amini. His pass to Domenici was not converted, the midfielder falling as he took the shot.

A minute later and a free kick by Marc Warren on the right flew into the six-yard box, yet unfortunately no one was able to get a touch. Then with just over five minutes left in the hallf, the pressure from the AIS was rewarded.

The ball went down the right to Domenici. He sent it back to Peterson who crossed the ball to the far post. There Patrick Dixon headed it back to the feet of Amini, who's low shot finally beat the keeper.

Down one at the break, and probably lucky to be only that much, the Roar came out with more determination than they entered the dressing rooms. Although the AIS were still able to play the ball around, it was Brisbane who scored first.

Ten minutes into the half Kenneth Dougall had the ball down the left. Fromt he goal line he was able to pull it back for Timothy Smits to finish. Smits was coming more into the game, causing the AIS defence some concern.

Brisbane, who were down to ten men with nearly 25 minutes to go when Luke Bratten was injured and Brisbane had already used all of their subs and their one allowed interchange. This should have caused some serious concerns for Brisbane over the final period of the game. The last minutes of injury time were quite significant.

In the 89th minute a corner from the left by Patrick Dixon gave the AIS a number of chances, but twice Brisbane was able to clear off the line. Eventually the ball was sent out to the other end and Matthew Mundy beat a number of defenders, and the goalkeeper, before sloting the ball into an empty net.

The goal broke the hearts of the AIS and their only response was a shot from Marc Warren that rebounded back from the crossbar four minutes into added time.

As has been the case in a number of other match, the AIS were competitive, yet lacked a true scoring threat. This game was no different, considering the large number of good chances they had.

Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) 1
(Mustafa Amini 32')
lost to
Brisbane Roar FC 2
(Timothy Smits 54', Matthew Mundy 89')

    Crowd: 450


    Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) :
    Player listing: 20. Aaron Lennox (gk), 2. Trent Sainsbury, 4. Marc Warren, 5. Sam Gallaway, 6. Patrick Dixon (12. Melvin Becket +40, 6. Patrick Dixon +65'), 9. Stephen Domenici (17. Kevin Davison +56'), 10. Nikola Stanojevic (c), 11. Christopher Bush, 19. Curtis Good (22. Jake Barker-Daish +56'), 21. Mustafa Amini, 26. Aaron Peterson

    Substitutes not used: 30. Lachlan Tibbles (rgk)

    Coach: Jan Versleijen

    Yellow Cards: Aaron Peterson 34'
    Red Cards: Nil

    Brisbane Roar FC :
    Player listing: 1 Matthew Acton (gk), 2. Matthew Byrne (9. Tyler Thurtell +58'), 4. Michael Ryan, 5. Daniel Bowles (c) (2. Matthew Byrne +72'), 7. Luke Bratten, 10. Stefan Vrbesic (3. Alistair Quinn +46'), 12. Kenneth Dougall, 13. Isaka Cernak, 14. Matthew Mundy (OA), 15. Antony Schiavo (8. Jordan Farina +46'), 16 Timothy Smits (OA)

    Substitutes not used: 20. Luke Muir (rgk)

    Coach: John Sime

    Yellow Cards: Timothy Smits 66'
    Red Cards: Nil

    Referee: Gary Vandenburgt
    Assistant Referees: Brett Woodford, Luke Withell; Fourth Official: Greg Taylor

    BOTN players to watch:
    3. Mustafa Imini (AIS), 2. Stephen Domenici (AIS), 1. Matthew Mundy (BR)

    Ground rating: tba/10
    Game rating: tba/10

    Match Report and ratings, and photos: Nick Guoth

Disclaimer: The content of this report is the responsibility of the writer. Stats are either as recorded by the writer at the game, or as supplied by FFA, or a mixture - no responsibility can be taken for their compete accuracy although we do strive for that. FFA has not this season accredited any Photographers for BOTN, so any photos used here, unless attributed, are as supplied by FFA and used by permission.

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