National Youth League - 2009/2010 - Season 2

Mariners are NYL Premiers 2010
By Ray Sandell

2009/2010 National Youth League - Round 27 (last)
4:00pm, Saturday 6 March, 2010
at Pluim Park, Lisarow

Central Coast Mariners FC 0
drew with
Sydney FC 0

A large supportive, noisy crowd squeezed into Pluim Park to see the Mariners do battle with bitter rivals Sydney FC, and were not disappointed with the result, as the 0-0 draw, and the shock defeat of Perth ensured that that had become 2010 Youth League Premiers.

This week the "Coastie Boys" behaved themselves, stayed inside the ground and added magnificently to the atmosphere.

The match generally was what had been expected for such a vital game for each team. Flowing from goalmouth to goalmouth, strong tackles, close shaves, and a bit of niggle.

The game started with Sydney applying the pressure and Mariners goalie Matthew Ryan was brought into action in the first minute when Sydney captain Sam Munro burst into the penalty area and shot straight at him.

Sydney continued to worry the Mariners defence until Mariners were awarded a free kick 30, metres out and Brendan Griffin's free kick was directed to Shane Huke, who put a perfect cross into the penalty area only for Bernie Ibini-Isei's header to hit the bar and be scrambled away to safety.

A few minutes later, Ryan made a long clearance which was picked up by Ibini-Isei who got past his defender, saw the Sydney 'keeper Nenad Vekic off the line, lobbed the ball over him only to see it graze the top of the bar!

Sydney counter attacked, the ball found its way to Munro and a fierce shot from 20 metres was thankfully tipped over the bar by Ryan. Sydney continued the pressure but were finding the two tall Mariners central defenders Shane Huke and Matthew Liddall in great form.

Mariner's captain Panny Nikas made a long zig-zag run down the left hand side, but just as he was about to cross to an unmarked Ibini-Isei in the penalty area, slipped and the ball skidded away for a goal kick.

Back came Sydney and Ryan was forced to make another great save from Hussein Akil's shot from the edge of the penalty area. The first half continued to flow back and forwards but both teams went for the break without any score.

The second half again saw Sydney start the better but the Mariners defence was holding strongly. Following a scramble in the Mariner's penalty area, Ryan got the ball, saw Ibini-Isei by himself in the Sydney half and sent a quick clearance to him. Ibini-Isei surged through the Sydney defence, fired a rocket like shot at the goal only to see Vekic make a great save.

And so it continued. Back and forth. Firstly Sydney looking like they had control only to see the Mariners get on top! But the goals never came! Balls hit the bar, posts and were cleared off the line but no goals!

Even three minutes of added time didn't help either team's cause, and the game ended in a stalemate. Both teams had given their all but both would have to wait for results of the other matches to find their respective fates.

For the Mariners the very late news that Perth had been defeated by Newcastle came with much joy and celebrations. They were the Premiers, and play in the semis next week. For Sydney FC they would have to wait another day for the Adelaide vs Gold Coast result to see if they make the play offs!

2009/2010 National Youth League - Round 27 (last)
4:00pm, Saturday 6 March, 2010
at Pluim Park, Lisarow

Central Coast Mariners FC 0
drew with
Sydney FC 0

    Crowd: about 700


    Central Coast Mariners FC :
    Player listing: 1. Matthew RYAN (gk), 3. Jerry KALOURIS, 4. Matthew LIDDALL, 7. Brendan GRIFFIN (15. Adam ORMSBY +46'), 8. Nick FITZGERALD (2. Scott McGINLEY +62'), 10. Panny NIKAS (c), 11. Mitchell MALLIA, 12. Shane HUKE, 14. Brady SMITH (6. Mitchell DUKE +62'), 17. Matthew LEWIS, 18. Bernie IBINI-ISEI

    Substitutes not used: 20. Nik MATIC (rgk)

    Coach: Tony Walmsley

    Yellow Cards: Shane Huke 42, Adam Ormsby 84'
    Red Cards: Nil

    Sydney FC :
    Player listing: 1. Nenad VEKIC (gk), 2. Steve TIBBETS, 4. Joseph GIBBS (12. Paul MACKEY +59'), 5. Sam GALLAGHER, 6. Mitchell SPEER (3. David VRANKOVIC +31'), 8. Sam MUNRO, 9. Hussein AKIL (7. Steven ILLIC +37'), 19. Iain RAMSAY, 13. Joel CHIANESE, 17. Luke AUSTIN

    Substitutes not used: 20. Mark Pullmann (rgk)

    Coach: Steve O'Connor

    Yellow Cards: Steven Illic 65, Sam Munro 84'
    Red Cards: Nil

    Referee: Kurt AMS
    Assistants: Glen PETERKIN, Lance GREENSHIELDS; Fourth Official: John PARKER

    BOTN players to watch: Mariners were served well by defenders Shane Huke and Matt Liddall, with Matt Ryan as steady as ever in goal. Sam Munro starred for Sydney with a real captain's performance with Iain Ramsay putting in a hundred per cent effort.

    Pitch rating: 7/10

    Game rating: 8/10

    Match Report, ratings, and photos Ray Sandell

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