World Cup for Women's Germany 2011: Group D

Matildas edged out by Brasil
By Chris Dunkerley

6:15pm Wednesday, 29 June 2011 at Stadion im Borussia-Park, Moenchengladbach

Brasil 1
(Rosana 54')
Australia 0

Brazil were forced to rely on a lone second-half strike from Rosana to overcome an impressive Australia 1-0 in Moenchengladbach early this morning. The Matildas often had slightly the better of possession and had their chances but were unable to get one in the net.

As expected Brasil made chances early, with a 7th minute header by Rosana sailing over the crossbar off Marta.

Australia were starting however to build possession, closing down the Brasilians quickly. In the 23rd minute Kyah Simon got down the left and shot firmly inside the left upright but Brasilian 'keeper Andreia was across and donw to smother quickly.

Two minutes later a warning for the Australians when Rosana shot over. In the 30th minute the always dangerous Lisa de Vanna broke free, but rushed her shot, that skied well over the crossbar. She continued to threaten without getting a telling shot in.

Five minutes later it was Marta that got down the left behind youngster Caitlin Foord onto a loose ball but her angles shot went wide, and then Christiane sent one over the crossbar and didn't trouble Melissa Barbieri in the Matilda's goal.

Brasil came out after the break with more purpose and disaster for the Australian's when, after sustained pressure on the central defenders, Rosana latched onto a bouncing ball in the 54th minute and steered it to the left of Barbieri for the only goal of the game. 1-0

Five minutes later Marta hit a snap shot but Barbieri was well positioned to take the ball.

Stung by the goal Australia had re-focussed and with some substitutions started to penetrate the Brasilian defence again. Alas a great chance to De Vanna in the 75th minute was skied over the bar by the enigmatic striker.

Minutes later Heather Garriock, who had a quiet game, shot on target, but Andreia had it covered - and then Tameka Butt hit a hopeful shot that was easily taken.

Three minute before the end of regulation time Lisa De Vanna again broke free, this time after a ball over the top of the defence, but again she rushed the shot and hit it well into the stands behind the Brasilian goal.

A stoppage time corner from Collette McCallum caused concern in the Brasilain defence but the Matildas can't get a shot on goal.

Sadly for the Matildas the stats showed that they had better possession but it is what you do with it - but for some sloppy passing and wayward shooting an upset may have been possible.

Norway beat Equitorial Guinea 1-0, to leave Australia needing probably two wins.

NZ were beaten by Japan 2-1 in their Group B game yesterday.

The next game is against Equatorial Guinea in Bochum on 3 July.

6:15pm Wednesday, 29 June 2010 at
at Stadion im Borussia-Park, Moenchengladbach

Brasil 1
(Rosana 54')
Australia 0

    Crowd: 27,258


    Player listing:
    [1] Melissa BARBIERI (gk)(c), [3] Kim CARROLL, [7] Heather GARRIOCK, [8] Elise KELLOND-KNIGHT, [9] Caitlin FOORD, [10] Servet UZUNLAR, [11] Lisa DE VANNA, [12] Emily van EGMOND (15. Sally SHIPARD +61'), [13] Tameka BUTT (4. Clare POLKINGHORNE +86'), [14] Collette McCALLUM, [17] Kyah SIMON (20. Samantha KERR +79')

    Substitutes not used: [18] Lydia WILLIAMS (rgk), [21] Casey DUMONT (rgk), [2] Teigen ALLEN, [5] Laura ALLEWAY, [6] Ellyse PERRY, [16] Lauren COLTHORPE, [19] Leena KHAMIS

    Coach: Tom Sermani (Australia)

    Yellow Cards: Nil
    Red Cards: Nil

    BRASIL :
    Player listing:
    [1] ANDREIA (gk), [2] MAURINE, [3] DAIANE, [4] ALINE (c), [6] ROSANA, [7] ESTER, [8] FORMIGA (15. FRANCIELLE +84'), [10] MARTA, [11] CRISTIANE, [13] ERIKA, [14] FABIANA

    Substitutes not used: [12] BARBARA (rgk), [21] THAIS (rgk), [5] RENATA COSTA, [9] BEATRIZ, [16] ELAINE, [17] DANIELE, [18] THAIS, [19] GRAZIELLE, [20] ROSEANE

    Coach: Kleiton LIMA (Brasil)

    Yellow Cards: Nil
    Red Cards: Nil

    Referee: Jenny PALMQVIST (SWEDEN) 8/10
    Assistants: Assistant Referee 1: Helen KARO (SWEDEN), Assistant Referee 2: Anna NYSTROM (SWEDEN); Fourth official: Thalia MITSI (GRECE)

    Best players: Brasil - Marta, Andreia; Australia - Servet Uzunlar, Elise Kellond-Knight

    Pitch rating: 7/10

    Game rating: 7/10

    Match Report by Chris Dunkerley

(The Matildas squad)

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