National Youth League - 2010/2011 - Season 3

AIS hold on for another win
By Nick Guoth

2010/2011 National Youth League - Round 20
2pm, Saturday 5 February, 2011 - AIS Athletic Track, Canberra

Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) 3
(Jesse Makarounas 17’, 22’, 52’ pen)
Newcastle Jets FC 2
(Abe Wheelhouse 66’, Steven Veleski 72’ pen)

A hatrick by Jesse Makarounas and a holding effort late in the game was sufficient for the AIS to win by a similar margin to the previous week, 3-2, over the Newcastle Jets at the AIS Athletic Track in Round 20 action of the National Youth League.

The requisite substitutions upset the rythmn of the AIS, leading 3-0 at the time. Newcastle then got into the game and two quick goals put pressure on the defence to hold on until the end.

The AIS suffered a blow before the match got started with goalkeeper Aaron Lennox succumbing to a left ankle strain in the warm up. This meant that 15 year old Luke Kairies made his debut and Lachlan Tibbles was called up from the residences to make his appearance on the bench.

Unfortunately for the AIS, injury has meant the blooding of a few more players than they hoped. As well as Kairies, Riley Woodcock was making his second start and Stefan Mauk came on for his debut. All of these are 15 year olds.

None of this affected the home team as they took the match by the horns in the opening quarter. When Hernan Espindola brought the ball in from the right his low cross was met by Makarounas. The first-time shot was partially blocked by Jon Griffiths.

Makarounas acted quickly racing towards the ball, but he was just beaten to it by Nathan Millgate, the ball falling free. Makarounas, nevertheless, got partially up and poked the ball past Neil Young for the opening score.

His second was not too far different. Again he was put in for a chance at the target and again his initially atttempt was parried, this time by Young. Yet Makarounas was first to react, heading the ball to the right of the keeper and inside the side netting.

Young Kairies was having fun at the other end, although showing his raw ability at the same time. He was called into action a few times, even finding an acrobatic effort to deny Abe Wheelhouse, brother of Jobe who plays for the senior team.

Not too far into the second Makarounas had his third, but he was made to work for it. When a ball over the top found Yianni Pertakis running in, both he and Young missed it completely. Yet when the striker moved towards the ball, Young was adjudged to have fouled him.

Makarounas stepped up for the penalty and slotted the ball into the left side. But, Pertakis had encroached and referee Andrew Best, who had been pedantic all game, ruled the spot kick had to be retaken. The ball went the same way and the result was repeated, this time counting.

Newcastle then had the ball in the net, but the culprit, Fabian Iacovelli, was ruled to be offside and the Jets would have to wait for the opening.

Following the regulation slew of substitutions, the Jets were better suited and took full advantage. In the following ten minutes they had reduced the deficit to only a lone goal, thus putting pressure on the youngsters.

From a freekick some 25m out, Wheelhouse curled his shot around the wall and inside the right upright giving Kairies no chance. It was a spot kick his brother would have been proud of.

Then an unknown AIS player apparently handled the ball in the penalty area. No one knew hwo it was and possibly still do not. Still, Steven Veleski stepped up and duly planted the ball past Kairies for the Jets’ second.

The AIS could have increased their lead with five minutes remaining. An Aaron Perterson cross was nearly met by Anthony Prioa, but the midfielder possibly distracted Makarounas and his attempt went wide with the goal open.

Then in the dying minutes of the game Newcastle had two chances. A shot by Michael Finlayson was tipped over by Kairies and at the death Millgate beat Kairies, but the upright denied him the equaliser. Newcastle remain at the foot of the table while the AIS move up one spot care of Sydney’s loss to the Central Coast.

2010/2011 National Youth League - Round 15
3pm, Saturday 8 January, 2011 - AIS Athletic Track, Canberra

Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) 3
(Jesse Makarounas 17’, 22’, 52’ pen)

Newcastle Jets FC 2
(Abe Wheelhouse 66’, Steven Veleski 72’ pen)

    Crowd: 98


    AIS :
    Player listing: 20. Jordan Thurtell (gk), 6. Ryan Edwards, 7. Jesse Markarnounas, 8. Jason Geria, 9. Aaron Peterson, 14. Patrick Dixon (5. Scott Mellish +61’), 16. Milos Degenek, 18. Yianni Perkatis (22. Stefan Mauk +61’), 19. Hernan Espindola (25. Anthony Proia +61’), 21. Conor Chapman (c), 26. Riley Woodcock

    Substitutes not used: 30. Lachlan Tibbles (rgk)

    Coach: Jan Versleijen

    Yellow Cards: Scott Mellish 76’
    Red Cards: Nil

    Newcastle Jets FC :
    Player listing: 1. Neil Young (gk) (OA) (c) (20. Robbie Kolac +60’), 2. Nathan Millgate, 3. Luke Remington, 4. Jon Griffiths, 5. Kyle Ewart, 6. Daniel Laiman, 8. Abe Wheelhouse, 10. Jesse Pinto (7. Michael Finlayson +60’), 11. Steven Veleski, 12. Blake Green (9. Patrick Brown +60’), 13. Fabian Iacovelli (14. McLean Nadfalusi +61’)

    Substitutes not used: Nil

    Coach: Craig Deans

    Yellow Cards: Jon Griffiths 38’, Jesse Pinto 54’
    Red Cards: Nil

    Referee: Andrew Best 7/10
    Assistants: Luke Withell, Greg Taylor, 4th official: Gary Vandeburgt

    BOTN players to note: How about Jesse Makarounas (AIS) - that is five goals in the past two matches

    Pitch rating: 9/10
    Game rating: 7/10

    Match Report, photo and ratings Nick Guoth

Picture gallery:

('keeper Luke Kairies, on debut, leaps to take a corner)

(First AIS goal 1: Hernan Espindola (19 AIS) gets around his defender and crosses the ball)

(First goal 2: The defence is caught out)

(3: Jesse Makarounas shoots but is partially blocked by Jon Griffiths (4 NJ))

(4: The ball falls free)

(5: Makarounas and Nathan Millgate (2,NJ) race for the ball)

(6: Race continues)

(7: Does Millgate have control?)

(8: It appears that Millgate fouls Makarounas as he gets to the ball)

(9: Makarounas gets up fastest)

(10: and rises)

(11: and gets his left foot ready)

(12: to poke the ball past Neil Young (gk NJ))

(13: and into the net!!)

(Aaron Peterson (9 AIS) and Luke Remington (3 NJ) fight over the ball)

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