National Youth League - 2010/2011 - Season 3

Coast dominate in heat
By Chris Dunkerley

2010/2011 National Youth League - Round 20
6pm, Saturday 5 February, 2011
at Marconi Stadium, Bossley Park

Sydney FC1
(Brendan Gan 86')

lost to
Central Coast FC 3
(Mitchell Duke 21, 47', James Oates 35')

(Photo Chris Dunkerley for BOTN - Rare Sydney attack)

Sydney FC was dominated by Central Coast Mariners in their home game at 'that grand lady' Marconi Stadium on a stinking hot evening in Bossley Park on Saturday. The Coast ran away with it, netting 2 emphatic goals before the break and another similar one afterwards, before easing off and Sydney grabbed a consolation late in the game.

The game had been moved from 4pm to 6pm to avoid the worse heat excesses but Sydney's week of heat defeated the FFA, with the temperature 42 degrees C before the kick-off and 40C at the final whistle. Two water and wet towel breaks in each half helped, as did the creeping shade from the western grandstand; but for the 290 or so hardy fans (including a solid band of yellow & navy) and the much hardier players and match officials it was never going to rise to great heights as a football match.

The best first-half chance for Sydney, though they wouldn't have known it as early as the 2nd minute, came when a speculator was hit toward the Mariners southern goal and 'keeper David Bradasevic was advancing. The Coast's second youth custodian, who had looked the goods for the past few games, looked a bit shaky early as the sun beat down from in front of him. This take was regulation but he spilled it and watched as it trickled just outside his left upright and for a corner.

Twelve minutes in Mariners midfielder Nick Fitzgerald turned at the edge of the Sydney penalty area and hit a shot, but it skewed wide on the right.

After an unsuccessful Sydney foray, Bradasevic found in-form Parramatta Eagles and Mariners striker Mitchell Duke at the half way line out on the left. He turned and surged forward, leaving his putative marker in his wake, and weaving past a perfunctory Sydney attempt to close him, slotted his shot from 30m and inside Sydney 'keeper Aaron Liddell's right post. 0-1 Duke has been linked to Perth Glory for next season under the nose of Graham Arnold.

At the 35 minute mark promising Coast midfielder James Oates picked up a loose ball, after a run by Duke and Mitchell Mallia had broken down, and bulged the Sydney net from 25m. 0-2

Sydney tried to get back into the game, but the best they could summon was a shot from Giorgio Speranza that sailed well over the crossbar.

The action lifted a little after half-time as more shade extended but it was still the visitors who were making the action. This was evidenced by the end result of a pass across the stretched Sydney back line by Mitchell Mallia. On to it down the right in a flash was Duke, who drew the Liddell in the Sydney goal, and slotted the firmly struck shot under him for the third goal, in the 47th minute. 0-3

In the 53rd minute that man Duke received on the right, cut inside, and forced Liddell to parry. Substitute midfielder Max Glanville, Northern Tigers grand final hero, hit a shot on target but was deflected for a corner, from which Oates his over. Glanville drew a one-handed save from Liddell in the 65th minute.

The substitutions rung before the 65th minute NYL deadline took some shine off the Mariners; and gave the home side a respite from which to build. Sydney striker Justin Hayward, who had gone off at half-time and proven ineffective against OA player Chris Doig, came back on under the interchange rule and started to make an impression against the re-cast Coast defence.

In the 78th minute Hayward turned Alex Manseuto and with Bradasevic off his line lost his composure and blasted well over. Sydney substitute Wel Al-Rickaby tested Bradasevic with an on-target shot, which the Coast 'keeper dealt with through a one-handed save.

In the 41st minute OA player Brendan Gan rose to meet a cross from the right, and steered his header just wide of Bradasevic and into the net. 1-3

One minute later Brendan Gan was bundled over in the area and Illawarra young referee of 2010 Matthew Cropper pointed to the spot. Blake Powell elected to try his luck, but it evaded him as Bradasevic dived to his right to save.

One last chance to Max Glanville in the 5 minutes of stoppage time, but he sent his long range shot over the crossbar.

Sydney fall off the pace, while the wins by the AIS and Gold Coast keep the heat on the Mariners to keep their good run going with their clash with Brisbane next Saturday (12th @ 3pm) at Pluim, and in Canberra versus AIS in three weeks . Next week Sydney face AIS in Canberra on Saturday (12th @ 2pm) and then they are back at Marconi on Saturday 19th (@ 3pm) to host Melbourne Victory.

2010/2011 National Youth League - Round 20
6pm, Saturday 5 February, 2011
at Marconi Stadium, Bossley Park

Sydney FC1
(Brendan Gan 86')

lost to
Central Coast FC 3
(Mitchell Duke 21, 47', James Oates 35')

    Crowd: abt. 290


    Sydney FC :
    Player listing: 20. Aaron LIDDELL (gk), 3. Antony GOLEC, 4. Nathan SHERLOCK (c) (9. Justin HAYWARD +74'), 17. Luke AUSTIN, 7. Blake POWELL, 11. Joel CHIANESE, 9. Justin HAYWARD (19. David GULLO +46'), 10. Rhyan GRANT (5. David VRANKOVIC +55'), 13. Mitchell SPEER, 12. Giorgio SPERENZA, 6. Brendan GAN (OA)

    Substitutes not used: 1. Daniel NIZIC (rgk) [Note: 8. Wely Al-Rikaby came on at 55' but don't yet have who went off]

    Coach: Steve Corica

    Yellow Cards: Joel Chianese 39', David Vrankovic 90'+2
    Red Cards: Nil

    Central Coast FC :
    Player listing: 20. David BRADASEVIC (gk), 5. Jimmy OATES, 6. Sam MUNRO (c), 12. Matthew LEWIS, 15. Trent SAINSBURY, 19. Chris DOIG (OA) (4. Alex MANSEUTO +55'), 17. Sam GALLAGHER, 7. Brendan GRIFFIN (3. Jerry KALOURIS + 56'), 8. Nick FITZGERALD, 11. Mitchell MALLIA (2. Max GLANVILLE +54'), 10. Mitchell DUKE

    Substitutes not used: 1. Nikodin MATIC (rgk)

    Coach: Tony Walmsley

    Yellow Cards: Mitchell Duke 89', Trent Sainsbury 90'+1
    Red Cards: Nil

    Referee: Matthew Cropper 7/10
    Assistant Referees: Leigh Pigram, Grant South; Fourth official: Kevin Peddie

    BOTN players to watch:
    Sydney - Aaron Liddell, perhaps Blake Powell and Justin Hayward; Coast - Mitchell Duke, Nicholas Fitzgerald, James Oates

    Pitch rating: 7/10

    Game rating: 6/10

    Match Report, photos and ratings Chris Dunkerley

Photo gallery:

(The familiar surrounds of Marconi Stadium at Club Marconi)

(Teams line up)

(Nick Fitzgerald kicks off for Mariners)

(Mitchell Duke (CCM, orange boots) brought down by Nathan Sherlock

(Matthew Lewis textbook throw-in)

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