Hyundai A-League Season 6

Sydney stop Glory
By Stephen Webb

A-League 2010/2011 - Round 15
3pm, Sunday 21 November, 2010
at Parramatta Stadium

Sydney FC 2
(Shannon Cole 75', Alex Brosque 81')
Perth Glory FC 0

(Alex Brosque (14 SFC) jumps over the challenge of Tando Valaphi (1 PG) - Photo for BOTN by Nick Guoth)

Alex Brosque, turning out for his 100th A-League game, set up one goal and took one for himself in a necessary but hardly convincing win for Sydney against Perth Glory.

It was a lovely day for watching football (if not playing it). Blue sky. Temperate breeze. Friendly bustle around the stands. Perth supporters in colourful costume and good voice.

Quite a few people were walking into the stadium after the scheduled kick off time; walking from some distance away, no doubt.

Perth looked to have “started brightly”, as they say, almost scoring in the second minute after winning a free kick outside the top left corner of Sydney’s penalty area. Jacob Burns’ kick was met at the right post by Michael Baird, beating Liam Reddy but not Terry McFlynn standing on the line.

Mark Bridge, back in the starting line-up, started well, sending Hirofumi Moriyasu down the right. Moriyasu cut in toward the Perth box but stumbled on the ball at a critical moment, only managing to win a corner. The corner was headed clear but only as far as McFlynn, who hit target, forcing Tando Velaphi to punch high over the crossbar. Sung-Hwan Byun’s corner from the left sailed straight into Velaphi’s hands.

Rhyan Grant fouled Steven McGarry and Shannon Cole’s uncomfortable start got even worse when he collected a cross point blank into his secret men’s business.

Naum Sekulovski headed a long bomb out for another Sydney corner, cleared to Moriyasu, who struck powerfully but only as far as a defender just inside the penalty area.

When Moriyasu was fouled near half way he took the free kick quickly, sending Brosque through for a one-on-one with Velaphi; but referee Peter Green called play back before Brosque had a chance to shoot.

In the 20th minute a Brosque-Bridge combination ended with Brosque shooting and Velaphi saving low.

Sekulovski clattered into Grant, who for the second time had to go off for treatment. When he returned to the pitch he wasn’t moving freely but nevertheless stayed on into the second half.

A poor Perth diving clearance fell for Brosque who unleashed a shot of poor quality.

Perth pressed extremely well in defence, forcing Sydney into hitting pointless long balls.

Bridge and Brosque worked together again and from behind me came the usual refrain: Have a shot! But, to be fair, the Perth defence was doing its job and there was no genuine opportunity.

McFlynn had a run from half way and was too ambitious launching a shot.

In the 35th minute Brosque was fouled near the top of Perth’s D and Shannon Cole popped his free kick into the arms of Velaphi.

Perth put some passes together, setting up a chance outside the Sydney penalty area, but could only shoot into the back of Sebastian Ryall, who had replaced defender Stephan Keller.

Burns made a great tackle on McFlynn, making another run to goal; but McFlynn got back to clear from his own box when Perth’s counter attack arrived.

Assistant referee Ben Wilson copped it from the Sydney fans for not flagging a shirt pull on Brosque in the Perth penalty area. Grant, Ryall and Cole participated in their own little giving-the-ball-away competition.

Perth pressed more and Sydney lost direction to goal; their fans offered them a compass.

Josh Mitchell stopped a one-two between Grant and Bridge and then cut out a ball heading for Brosque. A dull first half ended with Grant possibly wishing he could match his skill on the ball with some vision.

Bathroom commentary had Sydney “playing quite well” but “you just know what’s going to happen”. Back in the stands a Perth fan insisted the Baird’s header had crossed the line: “You cheating bastards have done it again. It’s always the same when we come to Sydney.”

There was no real bad feeling, though. I think.

When the second half began McFlynn flicked a clever back-heel into the path of Moriyasu, who hit a hospital pass to Byun, who still managed to win a corner.

Wilson copped another serve for being behind play and not catching a clear offside.

Sekulovski did some good work, with a one-two into the box and winning a corner from his shot. Brent Griffiths headed high.

Adriano Pellegrino had a pretty good shot from 20 metres out, but wide to the left of goal.

Bridge found Brosque with another fine ball but Jamie Coyne ruined Brosque’s fun.

Again Wilson was behind play and as far as the Sydney fans were concerned missed another offside. Cole gave a lovely ball to Baird, who blasted high under pressure.

Substitute Dimitri Petratos, down the right, pulled the ball back for Stuart Musialik to shoot to the left of goal.

Then there was action at both ends: Robbie Fowler just missing contact with the ball attempting a header in front of goal; and Cole somersaulting like he was trying out for Australia’s gymnastic team. After scoring. Sydney had countered and Brosque squeezed the ball through to Cole in the right side of Perth’s penalty area. Cole slotted home inside the left post.

Wilson flagged someone offside. “Well done, linesman. We’ll lay off you for a while.”

Perth, clearly there for a point, had to start playing for it. Suddenly McGarry and Pellegrino wanted to be noticed. Unfortunately that kind of urgent forward movement can leave a team exposed at the back ... as Perth were in the 81st minute when two quick Sydney passes saw Moriyasu leaving Brosque with an easy chance after evading Velaphi. The home side had three points in the bag.

Sydney could afford to risk the pretty stuff. Perth were frustrated but the game was suddenly, briefly, entertaining. Then Bridge was replaced and nothing much else happened except for Griffiths getting sent off for a foul on Brosque and Petratos hitting a shot high.

A Perth fan’s verdict? “Sydney are shit. This is really embarrassing.”

Sydney fans can keep their fingers crossed: the champs our only four points outside the top six.

A-League 2010/2011 - Round 15
3pm, Sunday 21 November, 2010
at Parramatta Stadium

Sydney FC 2
(Shannon Cole 75', Alex Brosque 81')
Perth Glory FC 0

    Crowd: 6,654


    Sydney FC :
    Player listing:
    20. Ivan NECEVSKI (gk), 3. Stephan KELLER (2. Sebastian RYALL 34'), 5. Hayden FOXE, 6. Hirofumi MORIYASU, 8. Stuart MUSIALIK, 12. Shannon COLE, 14. Alex BROSQUE, 15. Terry MCFLYNN (c), 19. Mark BRIDGE (16. Terry ANTONIS 84'), 22. Sung-Hwan BYUN, 23. Rhyan GRANT (24. Dimitri PETRATOS 57')

    Substitutes not used: 1. Liam REDDY (rgk)

    Coach: Vitezslav Lavicka

    Yellow Cards: 6. Hirofumi MORIYASU 28', 5. Hayden FOXE 73', 15. Terry McFLYNN 79'
    Red Cards: Nil

    Perth Glory FC :
    Player listing:
    1. Tando VELAPHI (gk) , 2. Josh MITCHELL, 3. Jamie COYNE, 7. Jacob BURNS (c), 9. Robbie FOWLER, 10. Michael BAIRD (21. Mile STERJOVSKI +65'), 14. Steven McGARRY, 16.Adriano PELLEGRINO, 17. Todd HOWARTH (13. Tommy AMPHLETT +85'), 18. Brent GRIFFITHS, 19. Naum SEKULOVSKI

    Substitutes not used: 20. Aleks VRTESKI (rgk), 24. Joshua RISDON

    Coach: Ian Ferguson

    Yellow Cards: 7. Jacob BURNS 71'
    Red Cards: 18. Brent GRIFFITHS 90'

    Referee: Peter Green 8/10
    Assistant referees: Ben Wilson, Allyson Flynn; Fourth official: Andrew Best

    Pitch rating: 7/10

    Game rating: 5/10

    BOTN Player Points :

    3. Jacob Burns (Perth Glory)
    2. Alex Brosque (Sydney)
    1. Tando Velaphi (Perth Glory)

    by Stephen Webb

Special Picture Gallery (For BOTN by Nick Guoth)

(Jacob Burns (7 PG) leaps for ball with Terry McFlynn (15 SFC) and Jamie Coyne (3 PG) watching)

(Byun Sung-Hwan (22 SFC) tries to get past Adriano Pelegrino (16 PG) and Michael Baird (10 PG) with Hayden Foxe (5 SFC) observing from above )

('Keeper Ivan Necevski (20 SFC) leaps to get the ball )

(Robbie Fowler (9 PG) shows his close control with Stuart Musialik (8 SFC) admiring )

(Jamie Coyne (3 PG) dribbles next to Byun Sung-Hwan (22 SFC) )

( Michael Baird (10 PG) just gets to the ball before the challenge of Stuart Musialik (8 SFC))

(Jacob Burns (7 PG) takes a fall from a challenge by Terry McFlynn (15 SFC) with Sung-Hwan Byun watching)

(Ivan Necesvski (20 SFC) leaps for the ball with Hayden Foxe (5 SFC) covering just in case and Brent Griffiths (18 PG) and Sebastian Ryall (2 SFC) watching)

(Alex Brosque (14 SFC) keeps the ball away from Naum Sekulovski (19 PG))

(Jacob Burns (7 PG) fouls Rhyan Grant (23 SFC))

(Jacob Burns (7 PG) rounds the challenge of Hirofumi Moriyasu (6 SFC))

(Shannon Cole (12 SFC) takes his goal bound shot! )

(Shannon Cole (12 SFC) commences his celebratory somersault routine)

(Shannon Cole (12 SFC) in the middle of his somersault routine)

(Shannon Cole (12 SFC) finshes celebrating his goal with the transplanted Cove )

(Alex Brosque (14 SFC) sends the ball into the net with Brent Griffiths (18 PG) making a vain attempt to stop it)

(Alex Brosque (14 SFC) celebrates with all 10 field team mates )

(Dimitri Petratos (24 SFC) gets past Tommy Amphlett (13 PG))

(Referee Peter Green shows Brent Griffiths (18 PG) the Red Card for his tackle on Alex Brosque (14 SFC) who lays sprawling on the turf)

Special Picture Gallery (For BOTN by Stephen Webb)

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