Westfield W-League - 2010/2011 - Season 3

Brisbane are Champions!
By Nick Guoth

2010/2011 W-League - Grand Final*
3pm, Saturday 12 February, 2011 - Campbelltown Stadium

Sydney FC 1
(Kylie Ledbrook 34’)
lost to
Brisbane Roar FC 2
(Tameka Butt 10’, Lisa deVanna 66')

(Photo from selection by Nick Guoth)

There was a piece of magic, a decision and a mistake and through it all Brisbane Roar came through to win 2-1 over Sydney FC in the Grand Final of the Westfield W-League played at Campbelltown Stadium.

Lisa deVanna netted in the second half to break the deadlock after the scores were tied at the break. Tameka Butt opened the scoring for Brisbane and Kylie Ledbrook equalised.

Sydney went into the game as hot favourites having won easily in the Semi-Final against Melbourne. Yet, the pundits did not take into account the grinding work of the Brisbane team that was evident more so in their own Semi-Final than the rest of the season.

This was a game where Brisbane were the better team, though some may disagree and the stats certainly do not show it. Although Brisbane had 21 shots to Sydney’s 20, of the nine shots to three on target by Sydney, only the rare one or two concerned Casey Dumont in goals.

And while the forward lines of both teams were very much in the previews, it was the midfield where Brisbane stamped its authority and thus the balls towards the forward line for Sydney were limited. This was so evident that more often than not W-League top scorer Kyah Simon was found quite deep trying to win the ball.

The game started as one where scoring was on each teams’ minds. Lana Harch shot over the bar and a delightful cross by young Teigen Allen was unfortunately not brought down by the free Leena Khamis with only Dumont to beat.

Harch then missed with a header at the near post before Khamis laid on an opportunity for Renee Rollason, but the Sydney midfielder only found the crowd.

Then a decision. Harch was set free down the left, with a hint of offside. Her cross found Butt leaping high over two defenders and the contact sent the ball back past Dimi Poulos and into the far corner.

This was the first goal conceded by Sydney this season. It was also a record for Butt, having now scored in each of the three Grand Finals played.

Brisbane could have been two-up midway through the half. Harch was put through by Butt but chose poorly in shooting instead of going around Polias thus watching the ball slide wide of the post.

Ten minutes later and Sydney were level. It took a bit of magic by captain Ledbrook. Terese Polias was bringing the ball forward when Harch tackled her. As the ball fell free Ledbrook sent a shot over Dumont and in off the far post.

Then a few minutes later disaster for Brisbane. An Elise Kellong-Knight cross saw Harch challenging. As Danielle Brogan challenged Harch fell and damaged her left ankle. Harch would be taken to the hospital later to check if there was a break or a twist.

That brought on Brisbane’s key weapon and livewire player, Lisa deVanna. Yet it would be a team-mate who could have, or should have, scored. Jo Burgess’ shot was delfected into the feet of Amy Chapman. Chapman turned a defender and then having set herself up, could not find the target.

That was half-time and by now, in fact with five minutes to go before the break, the rain started. During the second half there was no less than 6mm of rain, yet the field was so good that it did not effect the game.

As the second half unfolded one Sydney forward tried to win the game while the other became frustrated. A Simon shot following some poor Brisbane defence required Dumont to tip over the bar.

Meanwhile the decisions were going against Khamis and she was becoming more and more frustrated. So much so that with fifteen minutes to go referee Kate Jacewicz had enough and gave the forward a caution.

Yet, it should be mentioned that Jacewicz made a number of interesting decisions and where one would expect a whistle and a freekick, she waved play on. It is questionable whether Jacewicz was specifically instructed to do this.

On fifteen minutes into the half both teams could have broken the tie. First deVanna tried to curl a shot but Poulis was there to grab the ball. Then straight away down the other end and Ledbrook was put in by Simon yet her shot did not concern Dumont.

Then a mistake, or two actually. A Chapman long ball was first not dealt with by Servet Uzunlar, her header going backwards. Then Brogan tried to head the ball away but she misjudged the bounce. There ready to pounce and did so was deVanna.

With Brogan for company deVanna raced towards goal and sidefooted the ball to the right of Poulos who could only watch as it settled into the net. For deVanna it was straight into the crowd to celebrate with her sister. That, of course, meant a caution.

Sydney now needed to score to get the game into extra-time and thus threw on Catherine Cannuli as an extra forward. Yet, most of Sydney’s attacks continued to involve Simon and Khamis.

At the other end Kennya Cordner should have done better when put in by Lauren Colthorpe. Her attempt went wide when it should have tested Poulos. Colthorpe herself shot poorly with the whole goal to hit.

As time started to expire the only attempts of nature for Sydney came from Uzunlar and from distance, but each time the ball went wide.

So, the Premiers were beaten and for the nth time they have lost at this venue. Certainly it would be hard to see Sydney returning to Campbelltown again in the near future. Yet for Brisbane it will be celebrating all night long.

2010/2011 W-League - Grand Final*
3pm, Saturday 12 February, 2011 - Campbelltown Stadium

Sydney FC 1
(Kylie Ledbrook 34’)
lost to
Brisbane Roar FC 2
(Tameka Butt 10’, Lisa deVanna 66')

    Crowd: 1,940


    Sydney FC :
    Player listing: 1. Dimi Poulis (gk), 2. Teresa Polias, 3. Danielle Brogan, 6. Servet Uzunlar, 8. Renee Rollason (13. Catherine Cannuli +76’), 9. Caitlin Foord, 10. Kylie Ledbrook (c) (16. Linda O’Neill +90’), 11. Lydia Vandenburgh, 15. Teigen Allen (14. Nicola Berger +68’), 17. Kyah Simon, 19. Leena Khamis

    Substitutes not used: 20. Erin Herd (rgk), 5. Alanna Kennedy

    Coach: Alen Stajcic

    Yellow Cards: Kylie Ledbrook 36’, Leena Khamis 74’ Red Cards: Nil

    Melbourne Victory FC :
    Player listing: 1. Casey Dumont (gk), 4. Clare Polkinghorne (c), 5. Brooke Spence, 6. Joanne Burgess (3. Karla Reuter 84’), 7. Kim Carroll, 8. Elise Kellond-Knight, 10. Lana Harch (19. Lisa de Vanna +42’), 11. Aivi Luik, 13. Tameka Butt, 14. Amy Chapman (18. Kennya Cordner +67’), 16. Lauren Colthorpe

    Substitutes not used: 2. Laura Alleway, 20. Kate Stewart (rgk)

    Coach: Jeff Hopkins

    Yellow Cards: Brooke Spence 16’, Lisa de Vanna 67’, Clare Polkinghorne 71’
    Red Cards: Nil

    Referee: Kate Jacewicz 5/10 (but if she was specifically told not to pull up tackles, then 8/10)
    Assistants: Sarah Ho and Allyson Flynn 4th official: Kiralee Gardener

    BOTN Player of the Match: Tameka Butt (BR)

    Pitch rating: 9/10

    Game rating: 7/10

    Match report and ratings: by Nick Guoth

Photo Gallery: selection by Nick Guoth for BOTN

Photo Gallery: selection by Stephen Webb for BOTN

* Technically, although FFA call it a Grand Final, it is a FINAL .. having only semis before it!

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