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The 2010/2011 Women's National Football League

BOTN brings you feature game reports from our writers. Season three of the league has not yet been launched but the draw is now available.

Westfield W-League 2010/11 sees the newly constructed 7 team competition play 35 matches over the 12 week season from the November 6 kick-off and finish with the Westfield W-League 2011 Grand Final on February 12, 2011

Full W-League Draw: 2010/2011 Fixtures

The very big shock for this season is the late withdrawal of the Central Coast Mariners FC after loss of funding from FNSW, making it a 7-team league! ABC TV will again cover the 'match of the week' live and exclusive on ABC1 and ABCHD throughout the 12 week competition and Westfield W-League 2011 Finals Series


W-League Table

Round 12 (regular season complete)






















Brisb Roar










Canberra U










Melbourne V










Perth Glory










Newcastle J










Adelaide U









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Results: FFA fixtures & results

Previews of Rounds for squads, venue and referee appear in the Round Previews on BOTN each week covering HAL, W-League, and NYL*.

BOTN's latest feature game reports:

Final: Sydney FC 1 - Brisbane Roar 2 [ By Nick Guoth ]
Semi-Final: Sydney FC 5 - Melbourne Victory 1 [ By Nick Guoth ]
Semi-Final: Brisbane Roar FC 1(2)(4p) - Canberra United FC 1 (2)(2p) [ By Nick Guoth ]
Round 12: Canberra United FC 1 - Perth Glory 0 [ By Nick Guoth ]
Round 11: Sydney FC 3 - Canberra United FC 0 [ By Nick Guoth ]
Round 10: Adelaide United FC 1 - Perth Glory FC 2 [ By Nick Guoth ]
Round 10: Canberra United FC 4 - Newcastle Jets FC 1 [ By Nick Guoth ]
Round 9: Melbourne Victory 1 - Canberra United FC 0 [ By Nick Guoth ]
Round 8: Newcastle Jets 0 - Melbourne Victory 1 [ By Chris Dunkerley ]
Round 8: Sydney FC 0 - Brisbane Roar FC 1 [ By Nick Guoth ]
Round 7: Adelaide United FC 0 - Sydney FC 4 [ By Nick Guoth ]
Round 6: Sydney FC 2 - Perth Glory FC 0 [ By Nick Guoth ]
Round 5: Canberra United FC 4 - Adelaide United FC 0 [ By Nick Guoth ]
Round 5: Melbourne Victory FC 1 - Brisbane Roar FC 4 [ By Nick Guoth ]
Round 4: Sydney FC 1 - Newcastle Jets FC 2 [ By Nick Guoth ]
Round 3: Sydney FC 4 - Adelaide United FC 1 [ By Chris Dunkerley ]
Round 2: Canberra United FC 1 - Brisbane Roar FC 1 [ By Nick Guoth ]

W-League Preview - 'Grand' Final - BY Nick Guoth

This is it, the end of the season and no more ifs and buts. It is the Westfield W-League Grand Final (Ed. perhaps 'Final' is more correct)

Sydney FC v Brisbane Roar FC - Campbelltown Stadium, Sydney (Saturday 12 Feb 2011, 3:00pm AEDT) ABC Live coverage starts 2:50pm AEDT.

Last week's semi-finals pretty well went to plan, at least for my picks. This week everyone is going for Sydney and that appears to be a reasonable consensus.

Yet looks can be deceiving. Certainly everything points to Sydney winning - best goalscorers, playing at home, big semi-final win, everyone apparently on their side - but there are also a lot of positives for Brisbane.

First off is that only once have the two teams played against each other at this venue. On New Year's Day Brisbane came in and won by the solitary Jo Burgess goal.

That said, everyone is talking about Leena Khamis and Kyah Simon as the main threats, but how important has the third member of the "deadly trio" been? That is captain Kylie Ledbrook.

These three have created a formidable understanding that has unlocked too many teams this season. For Brisbane, it will be important to keep them all, not just one, quiet.

And while Brisbane have no standouts in their team, they are a team of great players, from goalkeeper to striker. Certain players do standout including defender Kim Carroll and midfielder Tameka Butt.

Put the team on the field playing at 100% of their ability and the opponents better be wary. Yet, I believe one important quality that Brisbane have shown throughout the season is to grind out a win.

Sydney, on too many occasions, have had an easy time. Brisbane, on the other hand, have had to work for many of their wins.

This is a game, I predict, which will go to extra time. If it does the favouritism should swing to Brisbane. If not expect it to be Sydney the winners.

Queensland Roar 3 - 0 Sydney FC (Ballymore Stadium)
SF: Queensland Roar 1 - 1 (a.e.t.) Sydney FC (Ballymore Stadium)

2009-10: Sydney FC 1 - 1 Brisbane Roar (Sydney Football Stadium)
F: Sydney FC 3 - 2 Brisbane Roar (Toyota Stadium)

2010-11: Brisbane Roar 2 - 4 Sydney FC (Ballymore Stadium)
Sydney FC 0 - 1 Brisbane Roar (Campbelltown Stadium)

Pick: I will stand by my beliefs. Brisbane in Extra Time (sorry Alen)

(Photo for BOTN by Nick Guoth)

Goal Scorers: To Round 12 - completed regular season
11 - Kyah SIMON (top scorer); 7 - Tara ANDREWS; 6 - Michelle HEYMAN, Leena KHAMIS; 5 - Tameka BUTT; 4 - Lana HARCH, Jodie TAYLOR; 3 - Lisa DE VANNA, Caitlin FRIEND, Kate GILL, Sam KERR, Kylie LEDBROOK, Caitlin MUNOZ; 2 - Catherine CANNULI, Stephanie CATLEY, Melissa FEUERRIEGEL, Heather GARRIOCK, Sasha McDONNELL; 1 - Ellie BRUSH, Joanne BURGESS, Kim CARROLL, Lauren COLTHORPE, Caitlin COOPER, Hayley CRAWFORD, Elisa D’OVIDIO, Kendall FLETCHER, Caitlin FOORD, Jaymee GIBBONS, Emily GIELNIK, Katrina GORRY, Ashleigh GUNNING, Amy JACKSON, Elise KELLOND-KNIGHT, Monnique KOFOED, Selin KURALAY, Cian MACIEJEWSKI, Shannon MAY, Collette McCALLUM, Ellyse PERRY, Renee ROLLASON, Maika RUYTER-HOOLEY, Ashleigh SYKES, Servet UZUNLAR, Emily VAN EGMOND

(Photo for BOTN by Chris Dunkerley)

W-League Preview - Semi-Finals - BY Nick Guoth

Here we are at the pointy end of the season, where a couple of months playing and many more months hard labour finally pays off. Out of seven teams we have four left - Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne.

The first three have been to the Finals in each of the first three seasons now. Of the others, only Newcastle (Season 1) and Central Coast (Season 2) have added their names to the Finals exclusive list.

So, many congratulations to Melbourne for getting to their first Finals series. The real problem is that no other team, except for the Top 3 have played in the Grand Final. It is hard to see anything but that happening again.

While Melbourne have done well so far, they are not a match for the other three teams. Certainly Canberra struggled to make it, needing not to lose in their final match, but it would have been hard to see them not getting there.

The two matches this week will both be telecast, yet unfortunately, owing to the broadcast of the Ladies golf, we will only get to see one hour of highlights at 6pm. I certainly hope these will be good highlights.

For my picks during the season getting 66% right hopefully will be seen as a decent performance. Now if I had backed myself at the TAB with that I may have made some good money!

Finally, congratulations to Sydney for winning the Premiership, their second.

And so to the Previews:

Last Weeks Picks (3/3) Overall (23/35) - 66%

Brisbane Roar FC v Canberra United FC - Ballymore Stadium, Brisbane (Saturday 5 Feb 2011, 2:00pm AET) ABC Highlights 6:00pm AEDT

Of the two matches, this will obviously be the one more hotly contested. Certainly Brisbane would be coming into the clash as the favourites, but of the two possible opponents, Canberra is not the one they wanted to face.

Canberra and Brisbane played out the Season 1 Grand Final at this venue, Brisbane winning 2-0, but there are question marks with this Brisbane team as compared to that one of two seasons ago.

Brisbane have come into this match without a win since the New Year's Day clash with Sydney. Two draws in matches they were very much expected to win leaves the punter worried about the effects of the recent floods at home.

Further is the fact that Brisbane have only played two matches since that win, with two other weeks off. How this lack of playing time will effect them is questionable.

Canberra, on the other hand have had a mixed finish, losing two matches away from home and winning the final game at home. They certainly play better in front of their own big crowds so it will be hard for them on this trip.

Canberra will miss midfielder Leah Blayney. The midfielder did not get to play a full match and after coming off in each of the past three games, she has succumbed to a quad tear that will rule her out for the rest of the season.

Both teams have great players throughout the field. The question will be who can play up a notch come finals time. This will be hard to pick and I would not be surprised if it went to extra-time.

Queensland Roar 0 - 1 Canberra United (Perry Park, Brisbane)
Canberra United 1 - 1 Queensland Roar (McKellar Park)
F: Queensland Roar 2 - 0 Canberra United (Ballymore Stadium)

Brisbane Roar 3 - 0 Canberra United (Ballymore Stadium)
Canberra United 1 - 2 Brisbane Roar (McKellar Park)

Canberra United 1 - 1 Brisbane Roar (McKellar Park)
Brisbane Roar 1 - 0 Canberra United (Perry Park)

Pick: Brisbane 2 (1) - 1 (1) Canberra after extra time

Sydney FC v Melbourne Victory FC - Campbelltown Stadium, Sydney (Sunday 6 Feb 2011, 3:00 AEST) - ABC Highlights 6:00pm AEST

Through the quirks of the draw, these two teams have only played each other three times, once each season. Yes, another reason why there is a big need for a complete draw.

Yet, except for Season 2 where the two teams drew, this match should follow script and Sydney should progress to the Grand Final for a second season in a row.

Melbourne certainly have not been at their best, yet towards the end of the season things started to look up. They were definitely the form team in January with three wins and two draws.

Yet, this is Sydney they are about to play against and that will make a difference. Sydney, at present, just have too many guns to out-muscle Melbourne with the League's top goalscorer Kyah Simon and her partner in crime Leena Khamis leading the charge.

The two teams met in Round 2, a long time ago, the win rather emphatic for Sydney. Given they are at home, it would be hard to pick against them repeating the dose.

The only negative for Sydney is the venue. Campbelltown has not been too kind. This season alone they have played there for two losses - 1-2 to Tara Andrews and Newcastle and 0-1 to Brisbane in the oppressive New Year's Day heat.

Sydney FC 2 - 1 Melbourne Victory (Parramatta Stadium)

Melbourne Victory 1 - 1 Sydney FC (Deakin Reserve)

Melbourne Victory 1 - 4 Sydney FC (Latrobe Stadium, Morwell)

Pick: Sydney 4 - 1 Melbourne

Next week's Fixtures:

Grand Final:
Saturday 12 Feb 2011, 2:00pm AET - tba

W-League Preview - Week 12 - BY Nick Guoth

Here we are and what a game to finish off the season on the ABC. Canberra v Perth is the W-League dream. That is not to say the other two matches are anything to forget about.

Yet, it would be hard not to expect Adelaide to lose to Melbourne and for Sydney, they should take care of Newcastle and hoist the Premiership trophy aloft.

But for Canberra and Perth, this is do or die. Assuming Melbourne does win, then a draw or win for Canberra puts them in 3rd place if Melbourne does not win by seven goals or more. A loss and Perth finish 3rd instead, Melbourne 4th and Canberra out of the Finals.

Before I get onto the Previews, I thought I might show you something. Let us take out the Adelaide results from this season's table. I am only doing this as the draw is unbalanced with some teams (Brisbane and Canberra) only playing Adelaide once.

Brisbane 18pts, (14-6)
Sydney 15pts, (19-7)
Canberra 11pts (11-9)
Melbourne 9pts (6-11)
Perth 7pts (5-13)
Newcastle 4pts (3-12)

That looks a little different does it not.

And so to the Previews:

Last Weeks Picks (2/3) Overall (20/32) - 63%

Canberra United FC v Perth Glory FC - McKellar Park, Canberra (Saturday 29 Jan 2011, 3:00 AEDT) ABC Game

This is the big game of the round. Perth have to win to make the Finals given the expected defeat of Adelaide by Melbourne later in the day. It will be hard for Perth.

Canberra are coming off a 3-0 loss to Sydney although they were missing three key players and lost another just before half-time. Further, Canberra scored two of the goals for Sydney.

Yet, these players are back in the lineup, such is the importance of this match. The crowd will also come into the game, with close to 1,500 expected to fit into McKellar.

Perth, on the other hand, have been faltering a bit of late. They struggled to defeat Adelaide two weeks ago and then, at home, let Melbourne get back into the game to draw and put themselves practically into the Finals for the first time.

The highlight of this match will no doubt be the centre-midfield clash. Leah Blayney, even at less than full-strength, will be a good match for Matildas stalwart Collette McCallum. Whether Sally Shipard can take advantage could be of significance.

The two defences will also be in for some torrid times. At one end there is the speedy and young Sam Kerr partnering Katie Gill while at the other Michelle Heyman and Caitlin Munoz are two solid performers with plenty of goals between them.

I will go with my head on this one and pick Canberra to win. Perth have some good players but are just not quite yet ready to be at the highest level. I do feel sorry for them as I believe they are better than Melbourne, but their result last week will condemn them to watching the Finals this year.

Perth Glory 2 - 2 Canberra United (Members Equity Stadium)

Perth Glory 2 - 2 Canberra United (Clipsal Stadium)
Canberra United 4 - 0 Perth Glory (McKellar Park)

2010-11: Perth Glory 1 - 4 Canberra United (6PR Stadium)

Pick: Canberra 2 - 1 Perth

Newcastle Jets FC v Sydney FC - Wanderers Oval, Newcastle (Saturday 29 Jan 2011, 3:00 AEST)

This should be the "party" game for Sydney. They have to lose by a rather hefty margin, that being double figures, not to take out the Championship for the 2010-11 season.

That is extremely unlikely, but it will also be expected that Sydney will not be laying down and resting its players. There is a small matter of revenge that sits in the minds of the Sydney team.

It was Tara Andrews who netted twice at Campbelltown back in Week 4 right at the death of the game to steal a 2-1 victory for the Jets. Andrews has continued her scoring touch and is now close to the top of the scoring charts.

Newcastle have tried this year, but just have not had the ammunition to win the all important games. As you see form the table above, other than the win against Sydney they have only picked up one solitary point from the other games not involving Adelaide. That is a telling statistic.

Sydney, on the other hand will be celebrating well into the night no doubt after this game is finally over. The bus trip home will be lots of fun.

Sydney FC 1 - 1 Newcastle Jets (Campbelltown Stadium)
Newcastle Jets 2 - 0 Sydney FC (Campbelltown Stadium)

Newcastle Jets 0 - 1 Sydney FC (Energy Australia Stadium)
Sydney FC 1 - 0 Newcastle Jets (Seymour Shaw)

Sydney FC 1 - 2 Newcastle Jets (Campbelltown Stadium)

Pick: Newcastle 1 - Sydney 4

Melbourne Victory v Adelaide United - John Cain Memorial Park, Thornbury (Saturday 29 Jan 2011, 5:00 AEDT) While Sydney will be celebrating in Newcastle, it is most likely that the Victory will be doing something similar in the mid-northern suburbs of Melbourne.

The equation is very simple for Melbourne. Win and they finish fourth. Win big and they take third. Most likely they will travel to Campbelltown next week, but it will be the first time that they have reached the Finals in the three year history of the W-League.

For Adelaide one hopes that this may not be the last we see of them, but the omens are not good. With the expectant pull-out of the mother club, if one can call them that, it will be left to the Football Federation of South Australia to keep them going.

Pick: Melbourne 3 - 0 Adelaide

Bye Brisbane

Next week's Fixtures:

Saturday 5 Feb 2011, 2:00pm AET
Brisbane Roar v 3rd place - Ballymore Stadium (ABC)
Sunday 6 Feb 2011, 3:00pm AEST
Sydney FC v 4th place - Campbelltown Stadium (ABC)

W-League Preview - Week 11 - BY Nick Guoth

The penultimate round of the Westfield W-League season brings up two mouthwatering clashes, well one at least, and a match of little significance.

This is because the results from last week threw up one surprise, Melbourne holding Brisbane to a draw. A friend asked me why I would pick Brisbane given the problems back home, but I did not take into account the fact that their training schedule may have been interrupted as well.

As such, Sydney are now in the box seat to take out the Premiership. To think, had Canberra beaten Melbourne two weeks ago, then the match this Saturday in Sydney would be for the Premiership. Still, it is, though, important for Canberra to get something out of the game.

The biggest match of the weekend is on Sunday when Perth host Melbourne with basically the winner booking their spot in the Finals, yet a draw suiting Melbourne.

Now, before I commence my previews I think it is important to say that I do not agree with the scorer of the second goal for Canberra against Newcastle. I have nothing against Heyman, but when everyone watches the highlights video at half-time this week there will be some red faces.

And so to the Previews.

Last Weeks Picks (2/3) Overall (18/29) - 62%

Brisbane Roar FC v Newcastle Jets FC - Ballmore Stadium, Brisbane (Saturday 22 Jan 2011, 2:00 AET) ABC Game

Not knowing the layout of Brisbane too well, one assumes that Ballymore is not under water or has been affected by the recent floods. Thus, Brisbane will be happy to get home and play a game on their own turf.

The draw in Melbourne last weekend was not what they required and now means they have to rely on Sydney tripping up so that they can regain the lead in the race for the Premiership. This is hardly likely, so the Roar will have to work on getting ready to play in the semi-finals.

For the Jets, their season is over. It would be a miracle if they qualified for the Finals, given this match and then hosting leaders Sydney. Still, it will be important for the girls to focus and put up a strong fight and of course Tara Andrews is only two goals away from the Golden Boot.

Newcastle Jets 0 - 2 Queensland Roar (Oakes Oval)

Newcastle Jets 0 - 6 Brisbane Roar (Wanderers Oval)

2010-11: Newcastle Jets 0 - 4 Brisbane Roar (Wanderers Oval)

Pick: Brisbane 3 - 0 Newcastle

Sydney FC v Canberra United - Seymour Shaw Park, Sydney (Saturday 22 Jan 2011, 3:00 AEDT)

This could have been a great game, not only as I have stated that Canberra could have been challenging for the Premiership, but because they will be without three key players for the encounter.

Missing will be Hogg, Blayney and Perry and that will be a big blow for the Canberra team. Sydney are in much better shape and know two more wins and they take out the Premiership.

Thus, with the attacking duo of Simon and Khamis on fire it would be hard to see Sydney not winning here. Even so, we have two high scoring teams and anything can happen. Canberra currently also have the best defence of the competition. Finally, except for the semi-final last season, this is only the third time the two teams have met.

2008-09: Canberra United 1 - 1 Sydney FC (McKellar Park)

Canberra United 1 - 2 Sydney FC (McKellar Park)
SF: Sydney FC 3 - 0 Canberra United (Toyota Stadium)


Pick: Sydney 3 - Canberra 2

Perth Glory v Melbourne Victory - 6PR Stadium, Perth (Sunday 23 Jan 2011, 5:00 AWT)

This is the big match for the weekend. A win for Perth all but eliminates Melbourne from the Finals as they would have to win over Adelaide in the final Round by double-figures and hope Canberra loses both matches.

A win or a draw for Melbourne will be enough for them as long as Canberra loses to Sydney. With Perth travelling to the nation's capital in the final round and Melbourne hosting Adelaide, they would then leap over one of the other two teams into the Finals.

Yet, this is a Melbourne team that has beaten Canberra and drawn with Brisbane in their past two matches and they will also be seeking revenge for the 1-0 loss at home earlier this season.

So, to pick this match would be very hard. Perth are coming off a big loss to Sydney and a hard-fought win over Adelaide. I have chosen Perth to make the Finals from early on and will stick with it, yet, I think this match will end as a draw.

2008-09: Melbourne Victory 3 - 0 Perth Glory (Bob Jane Stadium)

Melbourne Victory 2 - 0 Perth Glory (Etihad Stadium)
Perth Glory 2 - 0 Melbourne Victory (Clipsal Stadium)

2010-11: Melbourne Victory 0 - 1 Perth Glory (AAMI Park)

Pick: Perth 1 - 1 Melbourne

Bye Adelaide

Remaining Fixtures:

Week 12: Canberra v Perth
Newcastle v Sydney
Melbourne v Adelaide
Bye: Brisbane

W-League Preview - Week 10 - BY Nick Guoth

Well, my predictions for last week did not go too well. My thoughts on Melbourne were not as strong as the team played, or more then coach got them to play. A well-deserved win for a team that now puts the whole last three rounds into a different perspective, one that the W-League must be salivating over.

Meanwhile at the top, it is now officially a two-horse race. Unfortunately for Sydney, they have to rely on Brisbane tripping up. The fact that the Brisbane players may have other things on their mind hopefully will not deter them from putting all their efforts into the final matches.

Certainly there is very much a big question about any further matches in Brisbane with the damage done by the floods. So, while Sydney takes a week off, Brisbane begins its final series with an away match in Melbourne at Epping Stadium.

The big match this week, though, is the Canberra v Newcastle clash in Canberra. The Jets gave Adelaide a real thumping while Canberra is on a downward spiral, something they have to alter otherwise they will miss out on the Finals altogether.

The final game, and television match, is Adelaide v Perth. This should be the tonic that Perth want to return to the winner's list and put themselves back in a prime position to take a Final's spot.

And so to the Previews.

Last Weeks Picks (1/3) Overall (16/26) - 62%

Adelaide United v Perth Glory - Hindmarsh Stadium (Saturday 15 Jan 2011, 2:30 ACDT)

It is hard to say too much positive about Adelaide but, from what I have read, their first half performance against Newcastle was quite good with the scoreline at 1 all. How much they can transpose to this game is unknown.

Nothing further has been heard about the future of Adelaide, the club not making any new statements. Thus, hopefully this will not be the last time we see Adelaide on the television. If so, I hope that the girls put up a strong fight.

Perth, on the other hand were not in the match last week against a rampant Sydney team. Although sitting in sixth place at present, their destiny lies in their own hands. Following this game, they play both Melbourne and Canberra, two other teams in the mix.

This match should probably follow a similar routine of the others. The first half will be very exciting, but come the second Perth will take over and finish off the Lady Reds.

Perth Glory 3 - 2 Adelaide United (Members Equity Stadium)
Adelaide United 1 - 3 Perth Glory (Hindmarsh Stadium)

Adelaide United 0 - 1 Perth Glory (Hindmarsh Stadium)

Perth Glory 4 - 0 Adelaide United (nib Stadium)

Pick: Adelaide 1 - 4 Perth

Canberra United v Newcastle Jets - Deakin Football Stadium, Canberra (Saturday 15 Jan 2011, 5:00 AEDT)

Canberra and Newcastle fight out an all important match in the nation's capital in the second game of the round. Canberra are in a little better position on the table, both in points and goal-difference, but with Sydney and Perth in their final two matches, this game is a 100% win at all costs.

Newcastle, though, have to win out and their chance of that is not likely as they take on both Brisbane and Sydney in the final two rounds. Thus, if they are to have any chance of grabbing a Final's spot, they too must win. A draw in this match is no good for them.

Thus, we could be seeing a possible high-scoring match. Of course, if Canberra can bottle up Tara Andrews then that will cause the Jets some real problems. If you take away Andrew's six goals and the one own goal, the rest of the Newcastle team - ie, Melissa Feuerriegel - is all they have left for scoring.

Canberra, though, have a number of scoring threats and should take the match too the Jets. We will hope, though, that the match makes the full 90 minutes this time as the last game at Deakin was called after only 68.

Newcastle Jets 2 - 1 Canberra United (Wanderers Oval, Newcastle)
SF: Newcastle Jets 0 - 1 Canberra United (Energy Australia Stadium)

Newcastle Jets 1 - 3 Canberra United (Energy Australia Stadium)

Newcastle Jets 0 - 1 Canberra United (Energy Australia Stadium)

Pick: Canberra 3 - 1 Newcastle

Brisbane Roar v Melbourne Victory - Epping Stadium, Melbourne (Sunday 16 Jan 2011, 3:00 AEST)

Owing to the deluge and subsequent flooding throughout Brisbane this match had been moved to Melbourne. So, Brisbane play their first 'home match away from home'.

Even so, one would not expect them to crumble through any emotional strain. This is a well-oiled team, a team coached to play solidly and win. It is hard to see them lose here.

Melbourne are coming off a big win over Canberra which has put them back into the mix for a Final's spot. The return of goalkeeper and captain Melissa Barbieri was a big plus for them, although she had absolutely nothing to do.

This could be a tight match, in the opening half, but after that and all emotion has worn off, it is hard not to see Brisbane winning here.

Queensland Roar 2 - 0 Melbourne Victory (Ballymore Stadium)
Melbourne Victory 1 - 3 Queensland Roar (Bob Jane Stadium)

Melbourne Victory 0 - 1 Brisbane Roar (Epping Stadium)
Brisbane Roar 1 - 1 Melbourne Victory (Ballymore Stadium)

2010-11: Melbourne Victory 1 - 4 Brisbane Roar (AAMI Park)

Pick: Brisbane 3 - 0 Melbourne

Bye Sydney

Remaining Fixtures:

Week 11:
Brisbane v Newcastle
Sydney v Canberra
Perth v Melbourne
Bye: Adelaide

Week 12:
Canberra v Perth
Newcastle v Sydney
Melbourne v Adelaide
Bye: Brisbane

W-League Preview - Week 9 - BY Nick Guoth

First off I want to congratulate the players for having survived the heat last week, and especially having sacrificed their social lives so that we could watch them over the weekend. Both games were exciting and both teams showed a lot of professionalism.

Yet, my prediction on the top of the table clash did come true and the result from the opening round was duly reversed. Brisbane head this week into the first of their two bye rounds over the final four weeks, while Sydney lie precariously above Canberra. If Canberra win out their final four games, they will finish second.

In the other match Melbourne surprised me and placed themselves back into the race for the final spots of the Top Four. Maybe they are finally getting into their stride, yet there is still Perth to overcome and, if results go their way, Canberra.

This week we return to the three game format of this rather weird lopsided draw. The television game holds a lot of interest in the fortunes of both Melbourne and Canberra while the Sunday match appears to be the game of the week with Perth very strong at home and keen to hold on to their finals spot.

I have also added, at the end of this preview, the remaining fixtures for the season so that you can see what lies ahead for your team over the next few weeks. There will be many big matches for sure.

And so to the Previews.

Last Weeks Picks (1/2) Overall (15/23) - 65%

Melbourne Victory FC v Canberra United FC - Skilled Stadium, Geelong (Saturday 8 Jan 2011, 3:00pm AEDT) ABC Game
Over the past seasons these two teams have been fairly close, yet with Canberra gaining the upper hand. It would be hard to see anything different this week. The real problem for the team from the Capital will be rust.

The strange ways of the draw have seen Canberra wait three weeks between games and now they have to get back into the mode. Melbourne, on the other hand, were victorious last week in Newcastle.

Normally this game will be the match up between Australia's number one and two keepers, but unfortunately Melissa Barbieri will not be present, leaving Melbourne with their latest star, 16 year old Brianna Davey to hold the fort.

Against her will be the league's top scorer and all-time second highest scorer behind Leena Khamis, Michelle Heyman. Yet, Canberra will be looking for their new recruit Leah Blayney, who got twenty minutes against Brisbane, and their central midfielder Emily van Egmond, who was unavailable for that match, to move into the starting lineup and create the victory for Canberra.

Melbourne Victory 0 - 1 Canberra United (Bob Jane Stadium)
Canberra United 3 - 2 Melbourne Victory (McKellar Park)

Canberra United 2 - 0 Melbourne Victory (McKellar Park)
Melbourne Victory 1 - 0 Canberra United (Bob Jane Stadium)

Canberra United 1 - 1 Melbourne Victory (McKellar Park)

Pick: Melbourne 0 - 2 Canberra

Newcastle Jets FC v Adelaide United FC - Wanderers Oval, Newcastle (Saturday 8 Jan 2011, 3:00 AEDT)
Newcastle had a hiccup in their move towards a Top Four position. This match will be the perfect tonic to get back into the winning mould. Adelaide, unfortunately, are now playing for pride and searching for their first points of the season.

The news that Adelaide may be abandoned by their parent club was not good, and hopefully Mike Barnett can muster his troops to get a result. Certainly the team have tried, but the loss of their goalkeeper early in the season against Sydney was too much of a blow.

Strangly, this is a match where Adelaide could finally get on the board. Newcastle would have been quite unhappy with their performance against Melbourne last week and psychologically, they may be ready for the picking. That is why I am going to stick my head out and select a draw.

Adelaide United 3 - 2 Newcastle Jets (Hindmarsh Stadium)
Newcastle Jets 2 - 1 Adelaide United (Wanderers Oval)

Adelaide United 0 - 0 Newcastle Jets (Hindmarsh Stadium)
Newcastle Jets 3 - 3 Adelaide United (Wanderers Oval)

2010-11: Adelaide United 0 - 2 Newcastle Jets (Hindmarsh Stadium)

Pick: Newcastle 1 - 1 Adelaide

Perth Glory FC v Sydney FC- 6PR Stadium, Perth (Sunday 9 Jan 2011, 5:00 AWST)
In the late game of the round, Perth take on Sydney in a must win for both teams. Sydney have to win to maintain their chance of regaining the League's top position, and thus hosting rights in the Finals. Perth, though, are keen to cement their spot in the Top four.

Sydney coach Alen Stajic will be wary of his opponents. In past conversations, Stajic rates the Perth team as the strongest from the secondary group (including Melbourne and Newcastle) and thus will enter this game making sure his team are well prepared.

When the two teams met at WIN Stadium earlier this season, Perth slightly shaded the opening half before Sydney found their second wind in the second half and goals from their two leading scorers Khamis and Kyah Simon gave the home team the win.

Certainly Sydney have a very strong squad, but Perth also have a number of game breakers in Katie Gill and young Sam Kerr. Also if Collette McCallum is allowed to control the midfield as she did in Wollongong during the first half, Sydney's defence could be in for a torrid time.

This game is really hard to pick. Sydney should be expected to win, but Perth at home are hard to pick against, especially with their great record there over the seasons. Owing to the importance of the result for the visitors I will lean towards Sydney, but if Perth get a result it would not be a surprise.

v Sydney FC
Perth Glory 0 - 4 Sydney FC (Members Equity, Perth)
Sydney FC 0 - 1 Perth Glory (Parramatta Stadium)

Sydney FC 5 - 2 Perth Glory (Leichhardt Oval)

Sydney FC 2 - 0 Perth Glory (WIN Stadium)

Pick: Perth 1 - 2 Sydney

Bye Brisbane

Remaining Fixtures:

Week 10:
Adelaide v Perth
Brisbane v Melbourne
Canberra v Newcastle
Bye: Sydney

Week 11:
Brisbane v Newcastle
Sydney v Canberra
Perth v Melbourne
Bye: Adelaide

Week 12:
Canberra v Perth
Newcastle v Sydney
Melbourne v Adelaide
Bye: Brisbane

W-League Preview - Week 8 - BY Nick Guoth

The competition table is finally taking shape. Two teams at the top, two that look to be taking the minor Finals positions, two who are contending to unseat these minor-placed teams and one that is, unfortunately, not competitive. And this upcoming weekend teams from two of these groups will play each other.

The big game, according to many, will be the clash of the top two, the possible Grand Final preview, Sydney versus Brisbane. The real problem will not be the heat - 35C expected at game time - but what celebrations the players did the night before, on New Year's Eve.

Hopefully, all of the players will be sensible and consider both their own enjoyment and the position of their club. Neither team is yet sure of finishing in the Top two as Canberra can cause some problems if either slip up and Canberra still have to play Sydney.

The following day, more sensibly, Newcastle and Melbourne take each other on with the winner being in a position to challenge for a Finals place, the loser being all but out of any reasonable contention.

Other than that, we have three teams with no games, three byes! So, three teams have three weeks off. Tell me, how do you keep a team motivated, and away from the goodies, for a whole three weeks. Brisbane still have not had a week off yet and get two byes in the final four rounds. The FFA spent quite a bit of money in getting the draw made up. Let's hope that things will change for next season.

The League schedule is also unequal for some teams at the top. For example, the team that is, and has been, struggling, Adelaide, play Sydney twice and both Canberra and Brisbane once each season. This is a scenario that has taken place each of the first three seasons. That is a significant advantage to Sydney, and to the attackers of that team.

I am not saying the draw is biased, but the idea of a fully balanced draw, does have very strong merit. One can only hope that the FFA will take the opportunity and bring this about.

Last week the result nearly went with my picks. I blame the fact that the Brisbane v Canberra game was moved to Tuesday for that pick going wrong!

And so to the Previews.

Last Weeks Picks (2/3) Overall (14/21) - 67%

Sydney FC v Brisbane Roar - Campbelltown Stadium, Sydney (Saturday 1 Jan 2011, 3:00pm AEDT) ABC Game What a game for New Year's Day! Many believe this will be the preview for the Grand Final. It is hard to argue with the commentary as these are arguably the two best teams in the competition. When these two commenced the season at Ballymore, it was Sydney who were there to win, Brisbane playing well below par.

Since that day, Sydney have just had one hiccup, the Lana Andrews inspired loss to Newcastle. Brisbane, on the other hand, have been perfect, dropping only points in Canberra when they drew 1-1.

Sydney boast the League's all-time top scorer, Leena Khamis. Khamis, now with 18 League goals and four this season, took some time to get started, but is now finding the net at least once in each of the past few games.

Her strike partner, ex-Mariner Kyah Simon has six goals to her name, exactly half of her all-time total. Together with Khamis, the two have terrorised the League's defences and Brisbane will need to be at the best.

This is where things have improved for the Roar. Other than the five goals conceded in the first two games (Sydney and Canberra), Casey Dumont has only seen two balls go past her into the net over the following five games. Will Brisbane's miserly defence be able to hold the attacking duo from Sydney?

To pick this game would really be a toss-up. I am tending towards Brisbane, more because they would be primed for revenge and having celebrated New Year's Eve together, in Sydney, the team element may be the telling factor.

One final stat. Sydney's record at Campbelltown is not the best. Four games played, one win v Central Coast, and two losses and a draw v Newcastle.

Queensland Roar 3 - 0 Sydney FC (Ballymore Stadium)
SF: Queensland Roar 1 - 1 (a.e.t.) Sydney FC (Ballymore Stadium)

Sydney FC 1 - 1 Brisbane Roar (Sydney Football Stadium)
F: Sydney FC 3 - 2 Brisbane Roar (Toyota Stadium)

2010-11: Brisbane Roar 2 - 4 Sydney FC (Ballymore Stadium)

Pick: Sydney 1 - 2 Brisbane

Newcastle Jets v Melbourne Victory - Wanderers Oval, Newcastle (Sunday 2 Jan 2011, 3:00 AEDT)
If the New Year's Day clash was important, the other game of the Round is all the more important. A struggling Melbourne travel north to Newcastle in a must win clash. Newcastle, though cannot afford to draw as they have to win matches of this type to challenge for the Finals.

Neither team has a true scoring threat. Melbourne boast Jodie Taylor, who's three goals are nearly half of the total scored in the team's five matches so far. Newcastle are worse with just ex-Canberra and Brisbane attacker Sasha McDonnell and Tara Andrews with two each, the team's sole scorers this season after five matches!

Based on these stats, one would expect a nil-all scoreline. That may be true, but their defences have not been too good, conceding 17 goals between them. Still, the chances for a goal fest here at dim.

For this match, I am going to go with the expectations of one of the top team's coaches who liked Newcastle because of their style of play. Yet, who will score the goal?

Melbourne Victory 1 - 0 Newcastle Jets (Epping Soccer Stadium)

Melbourne Victory 2 - 1 Newcastle Jets (Bob Jane Stadium)

Pick: Newcastle 1 - 0 Melbourne

Bye Adelaide, Perth, Canberra

W-League Preview - Week 7 - BY Nick Guoth

What a big weekend we have. Two big games that have serious meaning on the Finals and one that has serious meaning to a record. Yes, unfortunately for Adelaide, this is the game where any non-win will see the poor Lady Reds create a new record for the most consecutive games without a win.

Yet again, all three games are on Saturday, two at the same time. The scheduling really needs some work and the huge amount spent on it by the FFA requires some overhaul. The clubs are not happy about large breaks between games - some teams having up to three weeks over Christmas and New Year - and the fact that the top two teams have to line up on New Years Day. How can one tell the players they are not allowed to celebrate the New Year with their friends and family. This is not a professional league by any means so, some latitude should be shown.

This week, though, the last before the big break, also has two of the top three teams fighting it out at Perry Park in Brisbane and two other teams chasing the elusive fourth spot at AAMI Park in Melbourne. While the results this week will not go towards settling the Top four, it could define certain parts of it.

Please note that there will be no games over the Christmas weekend; but two on the weekend after only, although one will be considered as the Grand Final preview.

And so to the Previews.

Last Weeks Picks (2/3) Overall (12/18) - 67%

Adelaide United FC v Sydney FC - Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide (Saturday, 2:30pm ACDT) ABC Game Adelaide showed some spirit last week in their 3-1 loss to Brisbane, but other than that the match-up against the rampant Sydney team that has returned to form will be one-sided. Sydney played well last week in Wollongong against a strong Perth side with Khamis continuing along her scoring spree. Unfortunately, this game will be no different and Adelaide will need a miracle to win, or even draw. The record, long held by the Canberra Cosmos will finally be broken I am sorry to say. Coincidentally, it was Sydney, at Hindmarsh, that was the last victim of Adelaide.

Adelaide 3 - 2 Sydney (Hindmarsh)
Sydney 3 - 2 Adelaide (Parramatta Stadium)
Sydney 6 - 0 Adelaide (Sydney Football Stadium)
Adelaide 2 - 6 Sydney (Hindmarsh)
Sydney 4 - 1 Adelaide (WIN Stadium, Wollongong)

Pick: Adelaide 1 - 4 Sydney

Brisbane Roar FC v Canberra United FC - Perry Park, Brisbane (Saturday, 3:00 AEDT) First versus third and two teams in fine form. These two teams have provided a number of epic battles, though mainly with Brisbane winning. Yet, their only loss to Canberra took place at the same field they are contesting this match and we all noted what happened to Sydney at Campbelltown against Newcastle. For Brisbane, they will be keen to maintain their position at the top of the table leading into the break, and at the same time develop a gap between the top two and third place. Canberra, though, have their unbeaten streak to keep hold of. I would like to pick a draw, but it may just be time to stick my head out and choose Canberra.

Queensland 0 - 1 Canberra (Perry Park)
Canberra 1 - 1 Queensland (McKellar)
Queensland 2 - 0 Canberra (Ballymore) Grand Final
Brisbane 3 - 0 Canberra (Ballymore)
Canberra 1 - 2 Brisbane (McKellar)
Canberra 1 - 1 Brisbane (McKellar)

Pick: Brisbane 1 - 2 Canberra

Melbourne Victory FC v Perth Glory FC - AAMI Park, Melbourne (Saturday 4:15pm, AEDT) The game played, prior tot he A-League clash between the same two teams, will highlight two teams desperate to win. A draw may not help either team, although Perth are in the better position. Unlike the other two matches on this weekend, the two teams have not met yet. Thus, it is hard to see their form in competition against each other. Yet, true form shows that Perth are the team doing well and it would be hard not to pick them in this match. Melbourne have some stars, but if their defence leaves Matildas goalkeeper Barbieri exposed as they did against Brisbane, it could be another long day. Perth, last week, held their own against Sydney until the break, and were most dangerous when young Kerr beat the off-side trap. The draw looks good hear if Melbourne can play a lot better than their last effort, but Perth may just be too good anyway, especially in a tight match.

Melbourne 3 - 0 Perth (Bob Jane Stadium)
Melbourne 2 - 0 Perth (Etihad Stadium)
Perth 2 - 0 Melbourne (Clipsal Stadium)

Pick: Melbourne 0 - 1 Perth

Bye Newcastle

W-League Preview - Week 6 - BY Nick Guoth

Two and three quarter games were played last week. The Big Wet took its toll in Canberra, yet the locals were leading at the time of the abandonment and the game had been played long enough. That meant that all of my picks came through last week.

The match in Perth was a tough one and pity we could not watch it. Perth at home will be very hard to beat, so there are some tough excursions for many a team yet. Melbourne were disappointing and Canberra were dominating. Yet, even after five rounds, the table has not expanded to have any significant groups.

And so to the Previews.

Last Weeks Picks (3/3) Overall (10/15) - 67%

Adelaide United FC v Brisbane Roar FC - Hindmarsh Stadium, Adeliade (Friday, 4:450pm CDT)
First versus last would appear to be a walkover and it will be really hard to see anything different. Against Canberra, the Lady Reds were swamped by the home team in the first 20 minutes before the deluge of rain set in. If they allow Brisbane to do the same, it will be a long day. Adelaide will need to learn from the match int eh Capital. For Brisbane, they just need to do the same they did in Melbourne. A loss to Adelaide will see the current record of 23 games without a win tied. The current owners of that record are the old Canberra Cosmos from the NSL.

Queensland 4 - 1 Adelaide (Queensland Sports and Athletics Centre)
Brisbane 2 - 2 Adelaide (Ballymore)

Pick: Adelaide 0 - Brisbane 5

Newcastle Jets FC v Canberra United FC - Energy Australia Stadium, Newcastle (Saturday, 3:00pm AEDT) - ABC Game
This should be a very exciting match. Two teams attempting to implant themselves as contenders for one of the two remaining Top four spots. Newcastle are coming off a loss in Perth, yet following their great win the previous week against Sydney and return home to face a Canberra side brimming with confidence. Canberra are the only unbeaten team remaining in the league, and they will be heading north in an attempt to retain this status and their position near the top of the league. I am going to pick a draw here.

2008-09 Newcastle 2 - 1 Canberra (Wanderers Oval)
Newcastle 0 - 1 Canberra (Energy Australia Stadium - SF)
Newcastle 1 - 3 Canberra (Energy Australia Stadium)

Pick: Newcastle 1 - 1 Canberra

Sydney FC v Perth Glory FC - WIN Stadium, Wollongong (Saturday, 3:00pm AEDT)
This should be a cracker. Perth are the movers in the League and have impressed many with their grinding style of play. Their close loss, through a last minute goal in Brisbane, was followed by a single-goal win at home against Newcastle, another title contender. Sydney, though, are not smarting, having lost in dramatic circumstances against Newcastle and also losing their spot as the League leaders. Based on the teams, Sydney should take this out, but an early goal to Perth and we could see another possible upset. I will, though, still take Sydney on a fine day in Wollongong.

Perth 0 - 4 Sydney (Members Equity)
Sydney 0 - 1 Perth (Parramatta Stadium)
Sydney 5 - 2 Perth (Leichhardt Oval)

Pick: Sydney 3 - 1 Perth

Bye Melbourne Victory FC

W-League Preview - Week 5 - BY Nick Guoth

Did anyone else predict Newcastle to do well against Sydney last week. I rather doubt Sydney will be playing Newcastle at Campbelltown at any stage in the near future having now lost two and drawn one of the three fixtures. The other two results went to plan, yet Perth put up a bigger fight than many may have expected.

This week has three mouth-watering matches for the keen spectator to get to. The television match has two of the expected top teams fighting it out while Adelaide travel to the nation's capital and a resurgent, and probably confident, Newcastle take the trip across the Nullarbor to Perth.

And so to the Previews.

Last Weeks Picks (2/3) Overall (7/12) - 58%

Melbourne v Brisbane - AAMI Park, Melbourne (Saturday, 3:00pm AEDT) ABC Game
Brisbane's form has been strained more than erratic, and it may be that they are trying to settle into the season. Melbourne, though have played with strength and like Brisbane, losing only to Sydney. For both teams there is a lot at stake, yet for the visitors the incentive of a victory would be the competition lead. Melbourne won last week against lowly Adelaide and their opponents this week will be a stronger challenge. It is hard to see the locals, even with a possible record crowd, to defeat the rampaging Roar and past records show that as well.
Queensland 2 - 0 Melbourne (Ballymore)
Melbourne 1 - 3 Queensland (Bob Jane Stadium)

Melbourne 0 - 1 Brisbane (Epping Stadium)
Brisbane 1 - 1 Melbourne (Ballymore)

Pick: Melbourne 0 - Brisbane 2

Canberra v Adelaide - Deakin Football Stadium, Canberra (Saturday, 5:00pm AEDT)
Canberra move from McKellar Stadium to the smaller Deakin Stadium and it will be interesting to see how that, and the constant heavy rain in the capital will affect this match. The locals are considering the weather as a leveling factor and for the Lady Reds, this may be the chance to spring an upset. Now 21 games winless, the tide must turn soon. They will be facing a Canberra outfit that has been struggling to win at home, with draws in their previous two encounters. For the locals, a win is the minimum from this match and should be the case.

Canberra 0 - 0 Adelaide (McKellar)
Canberra 3 - 0 Adelaide (Deakin)

Pick: Canberra United 3 - Adelaide United 1

Perth v Newcastle - 6PR Stadium, Perth (Sunday, 5:00pm AWST)
A better would pick Newcastle, on recent form, in this match. Yet, following their last minute loss in Brisbane the Perth girls will be out to redeem themselves and they know that visiting teams tend to struggle in Perth. Will the euphoria of last Saturday's win over Sydney have settled for Newcastle. If not, they will be in for a surprise. In fact I would not be surprised if this was a very close match and am tempted to pick a draw, but consider Perth at home as stronger.

Newcastle 4 - 1 Perth (Wanderers Oval)
Perth 0 - 0 Newcastle (Members Equity)
Perth 1 - 0 Newcastle (ME Bank Stadium)

Pick: Perth Glory 1 - Newcastle Jets 0

Bye - Sydney

3 December, 2010

W-League Preview - Week 4 - BY Nick Guoth

Okay, let's forget about tipping this week. There are three exciting matches coming up and, unlike last week, at three different times on two days. While the top teams are not paired off there are still some intriguing possibilities for upsets.

Unfortunately, the first of these, Adelaide hosting Melbourne maybe the most unlikely for an unusual result. Newcastle are on the cusp of breaking into the Top four group and can easily provide a surprise, and the Brisbane v Perth game holds out an interesting prospect of a match where Lisa De Vanna returns to haunt her old team.

And so to the Previews.

Last Weeks Picks (1/3) Overall (5/9) - 55%

Adelaide v Melbourne - Hindmarsh Stadium (Friday 26 Nov 4:45pm ACDT)
There are pluses and minuses for the home team in this clash. The biggest will be the crowd cheering them on, hopefully. The W-League game will be held prior to the A-League clash between Adelaide and Gold Coast United. The minuses are, unfortunately, not few. Yet, the worst is the season-ending injury to captain and goalkeeper, Sian McLaren right at the end of the match against Sydney last Saturday. Without Sian, the Lady Reds will struggle, missing her leadership. I do believe that Melbourne will be too good in this clash, relegating Adelaide to another match without a win. That is to say, if there was ever a match where the monkey could be kicked off the back of the Adelaide side, this is it.
Adelaide 0 - 3 Melbourne (Hindmarsh)
Adelaide 0 - 2 Melbourne (Hindmarsh)

Pick: Adelaide 1 - Melbourne 3

Sydney v Newcastle - Campbelltown Stadium, Sydney (3:00pm AEDT) ABC Game
Sydney have traditionally done well at Cambelltown, but not against Newcastle. This Newcastle side may also pose a problem for the leaders of the competition. Newcastle were, at least by this previewer, to have done much better against Brisbane than thought, but one would hope they have learnt from that match and will take it to the Sky Blues. Nevertheless, it is hard to pick against a team that is doing so well and anything but complacency should carry Sydney through in this match, anything except a team also keen on a result. Time to stick my head out and pick at least a draw.
Sydney 1 - 1 Newcastle (Campbelltown)
Newcastle 2 - 0 Sydney (Campbelltown)
Newcastle 0 - 1 Sydney (Energy Australia Stadium, Newcastle)
Sydney 1 - 0 Newcastle (Seymour Shaw)

Pick: Sydney 1 - Newcastle 1

Brisbane v Perth Glory - Perry Park, Brisbane (4:00pm AET)
Brisbane return home to try to get back to winning ways in their state. The opening match against Sydney was not something their voracious supporters were used to and anything but a good result here will cause more pain. With the players back, including Matilda's striker Lisa De Vanna, it is going to be rather difficult for Perth to get going. If they can score early, it may generate some nerves amongst the home team, but that is a decent "if". I will choose the home team here. If it was in Perth, I would think different.
Perth 3 - 5 Brisbane (Members Equity, Perth)
Brisbane 6 - 0 Perth (Ballymore)
Perth 2 - 1 Brisbane (Clipsal Stadium, Perth)

Pick: Brisbane 3 - Perth 0

Bye: Canberra United

W-League Preview - Week 3 - BY Nick Guoth

Three out of three last week in my picking and getting the United v Roar score exact is not too bad, but can I keep it up. That is what sits with me for the upcoming week of torrid tussles. In a very strange weekend, all three clashes are on at exactly the same time, that being 3pm. Further, all three games are in the same time zone and of course this also means that one cannot watch one game live on ABC and then another live at a ground. I am unsure why this has happened.

It will be the Canberra v Melbourne clash that is represented on the ABC, two teams expected to do well, but also with the two Matildas goalkeepers facing each other. Brisbane head south again, this time to Newcastle and Sydney host Adelaide. The first two games should be hard fought while it appears that Adelaide may fighting an uphill battle to avoid the 20 games.

And for Adelaide, they have a few more rounds before attaining the record in a national competition. The record is 23 games held by the now defunct Canberra Cosmos from February 1998 to January 1999. We all hope that Adelaide can avoid this honour, but we will keep watch. Certainly a good chunk of their performance against Perth showed signs of promise.

And so to the Previews.

Last Weeks Picks (3/3) Overall (4/6) - 67%

Canberra v Melbourne - McKellar Stadium (3:00pm AEDT) ABC game
Some may consider to the be the match of the week, thus deserving of its television coverage, but I would disagree. Certainly, there has been some improvement in both sides, but the advantage will go to the home team in this one. They just appear to be more solid throughout and also have the forwards to finish the chances. Melbourne do have the Australian goalkeeper, Melissa Barbieri, but I fear she may be in for a more torrid time than the other national 'keeper, Lydia Williams. Expect a bit of fire here as well as one interested onlooker will no doubt be national coach Tom Sermanni. 2008-09
Canberra 3 - 2 Melbourne (McKellar)
Canberra 2 - 0 Melbroune (McKellar)
Melbourne 1 - 0 Canberra (Bob Jane Stadium)
Pick: Canberra 2 - Melbourne 1

Newcastle v Brisbane - Wanderers Stadium, Newcastle (3:00pm AEDT)
I am expecting this to be a right royal tussle and the closest and best game of the season. The "new" Newcastle got off to a solid start in their opening clash at Hindmarsh while Brisbane are still to get themselves onto their feet. Brisbane, though, may have the inclusion of certain key players including Colthorpe and DeVanna, but after such a layoff, how rusty will they be. And it is here that I believe Newcastle can take advantage and gain ascendancy for periods of the game. I am expecting an entertaining, high scoring draw.
Newcastle 0 - 2 Brisbane (Oakes Oval, Lismore)
Newcaslte 0 - 6 Brisbane (Wanderers Oval, Broadmeadow)
Pick: Newcastle 2 - Brisbane 2

Sydney v Adelaide - WIN Stadium, Wollongong (3:00pm AEDT)
Sydney take their game to the country on Saturday, travelling to Wollongong. As the second part of a double-header with the National Youth League match played before, the leaders of the W-League contest their round three clash with an Adelaide team trying not to make it a 20-game winless streak. Not much can be said about the result of this game except just how good is Adelaide captain Sian McLaren going to play in goal. Certainly Cian will be one of the hardest worked players in the match. Having watched the first two television games, it is quite clear that Adelaide will have their hands full in this game and any big score would not be a surprise. In the top versus bottom clash expect many goals and Sydney to maintain their position heading the table.
Adelaide 3 - 2 Sydney (Hindmarsh)
Sydney 3 - 2 Adelaide (Parramatta)
Sydney 6 - 0 Adelaide (Sydney Football Stadium)
Adelaide 2 - 6 Sydney (Hindmarsh)
Pick: Sydney 6 - Adelaide 0

Bye Perth Glory

W-League Preview - Week 2 - BY Nick Guoth

There were no lack of goals last week and this predictor was not up to the usual expected standard of BOTN tipsters. Only the Jets v Reds game was a success. The matches for Week 2 do not let this tipster have any rest as there are some blockbusters.

I am also really happy about a few things. The choice of the two poorer teams Perth and Adelaide to be the television match is great for those who do not get to see these teams play. Further, it is great to see that the FFA are taking the women's League with a bit more than a grain of salt. The pick-up of Sarah Walsh to provide official previews will hopefully allow for more coverage of the game through the general media. Good luck Sarah.

Let's also hope that we will have less controversy this week, although the hounding of officials that appears to be the norm both here in Australia and overseas is not what we want to see. I will not say Sydney did not deserve to defeat Brisbane last week as they were clearly the better team, but it was unfortunate the second goal came from an obvious hand-ball.

All three games this week are on the Saturday, one following the other. The match in the West commences proceedings. This is followed by the Season 1 Grand Final rematch when Brisbane travel to Canberra. Finally, the late game provides the first taste of the season for Melbourne when they host the red-hot Sydney. And so to the Previews.

Last Weeks Picks (1/3) Overall (1/3)

Perth v Adelaide - nib Stadium, Perth (3:00pm AEDT)
Both teams are coming off losses. Yet, unlike Adelaide, Perth will have Collette McCallum back into the fold for the matchup. Perth will hope that her inclusion will assist in solidfying the team and producing a result against Adelaide. For Adelaide, they need to alter the results that have been mounting up, 18 games without a win dating back to the 3-2 defeat of Sydney on November 9, 2008. It is not an impressive record and looks to be extended this weekend. This is also the first time the two teams have met in Perth.
Adelaide 1 - Perth 3 (Hindmarsh Stadium)
Adelaide 0 - Perth 1 (Hindmarsh Stadium)
Pick: Perth 3 - Adelaide 1

Canberra v Brisbane - McKellar Stadium, Canberra (5:00pm AEDT)
Two teams, based on the first round, heading in opposite directions. While the style of goals scored by Brisbane last week were quite spectacular, they cannot rely on that for the whole season. The injury to DeVanna is really causing them problems. Further, they showed a lack of something on the field in last week's thrashing. Whether it be spirit or organisation, Brisbane have to fix it before the clash in Canberra. The home team, who has always had a decent record in Canberra, will be hard to break down. Yet, the concern for other teams will be the form of last year's Golden Boot Michelle Heyman who has got off to the perfect start. Although form says that Canberra should win, and easily, that is totally out of the question. In fact I will hop onto the fence.
Queensland 0-1 Canberra (Perry Park)
Canberra 1-1 Queensland (McKellar)
Queensland 2-0 Canberra (Ballymore) Grand Final
Brisbane 3-0 Canberra (Ballymore)
Canberra 1-2 Brisbane (McKellar)
Pick: Canberra 1 - Brisbane 1

Melbourne v Sydney - Latrobe City Stadium, Morwell (7:00pm, AEDT)
Is it not good to see the game being taken to the country. In the final game of the round, Melbourne and Sydney travel south-east of the capital to the Latrobe Valley and the home of an old, but somewhat forgettable NSL team. The "home" team will hoping for a strong start, but they come up against Sydney, who following their 4-2 dismantling of Brisbane, have to be considered the form team. Even without goalscoring threat Uzunlar, the sky blues will be a handfull for Melbourne and for Australian captain and goalkeeper Melissa Barbieri. Can Sydney keeps its momentum and record a second solid away win? They have too many threats and yes, should win.
Sydney 2-1 Melbourne (Parramatta)
Melbourne 1-1 Sydney (Deakin Res.)
Pick: Melbourne 1 - Sydney 3

The Newcastle Jets get the Bye.

W-League Week 1 Preview* - BY Nick Guoth

The 2010-2011 W-League season finally kick's off this weekend and there are some tasty clashes amongst the fixtures. The new, re-vamped Season 3 of the W-League, without paint splashed everywhere or acrobatics, unfortunately contains a Bye as the Central Coast Mariners were unable to field a team. That became a positive for both Sydney FC and Canberra United who raided the now defunct team of its most precious resources. Thus, for Season 3 there are to be only three matches each weekend, one of which televised live on the ABC on Saturday afternoon. It is puzzling that with the strides made by the national team, their success in the Asian Cup in Chengdu recently as an example, the local scene is diminishing.

The three fixtures that are presented to the avid spectators are breathtaking to say the least. We start with a grudge match between two teams, then one between players and finally a match where grudges are left alone and goals are a plenty. Melbourne gets the Bye.

The televised match will recast the atmosphere of last January's Grand Final when Brisbane Roar host Sydney FC at the hallowed rugby union ground, Ballymore Oval. Sydney are generally slow starters, but their additions should assist with generating a classy match. Yet, the Roar are expected to do even better this season and should carry the day. Prediction: QR 2 - SFC 1

The first mach on Sunday takes place at the only real football field for the A-League - Hindmarsh Stadium - where the "Lady Reds" take on the Jets. Neither team has performed well in the past, although the Jets did host a semi-final in the first season. The mouthwatering attraction of this match will be the reception provided by the Jets players to Stacey Day and Loren Mahoney who are now in Adelaide. If it is anything like what we have seen in the A-League (see Robbie Kruse for example), there could be some exciting moments in this clash. Prediction: AU 1 - NJ 2

Finally we continue over the Nullabor to Perth for the late Sunday meeting of Perth and Canberra. Perth are not as strong as they have been in the past, yet they have added two Scandinavians and with the Leagues there of such strength, the additions may eventually prove fruitful. The Canberra "Green Machine" have also supplemented their squad, adding a set of Mariners and two current Matildas. Yet, Perth has always been a hard place to travel to with a number of favourites failing and this week Canberra are hoping that they can overcome the distance when they travel to 6PR Stadium. Prediction: PG 2 - CU 2

(W-League, for competition plus - Photo courtesy of Ann Ondong The Womens Game)

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