National Youth League - 2011/2012 - Season 4

Mariners sail to comfortable win over Reds
By Chris Dunkerley

2011/2012 National Youth League - Round 12
6:30pm, Friday 21 January, 2012
at Pluim Park, Lisarow

Central Coast Mariners FC 3
(Sam Gallagher 32', Kwabena Appiah-Kubi 42', Anthony Caceres 53')
Adelaide United FC 0

The Central Coast Mariners have moved overnight to second in the National Youth League with a convincing 3-0 defeat of Adelaide United at Pluim Park, Lisarow.

Two fine goals in the first half to Sam Gallagher and Kwabena Appiah-Kubi set up the win, and Anthony Caceres sealed it early in the second half.

The first action came in the 2nd minut with Adelaide's Evan Kostopolous making space down the right but he hit his shot early and wide accross goal.

The traffic then was all one-way. Adriano Pellegrino sent two crosses from the right, firstly to Kwabena Appiah-Kubi who headed wide, and then toward Mitchell Duke - but it sailed high and Paul Izzo in the Red's goal was able to take it high.

Duke picked up a loose ball and hit it on the turn from 25m but it went just over. From a short corner on the left Pellegrino sent it over the defence where Trent Sainsbury headed it at the keeper.

The goal came in the 31st minute with a pin-point ball to the head of Sam Gallagher, whose strong and well directed header beat Izzo easily. 1-0

Ten minutes later the Coast added another goal through former Spirit FC's Kwabena Appiah-Kubi. A nice lob by Mitchell Duke, and Appiah-Kubiís speed saw him into the area, lifting the ball over a defender and ahead of the advancing Izzo tapping the ball over the goal line. 2-0

Red's senior player Spase Dilevski had a go at grabbing one back late in the half but after a surging run, and weaving to get his shot in, he skewed it.

Eight minutes into the second half Anthony Caceres made a run through midfield having sensed a gap opening and received the ball - he evaded Izzo and defender Chris Annicchiaro, steering the ball past Izzo to ensure victory. 3-0

The pace of the game dropped and there wasn't much action, though substitute Jusin Hayward had a good chance, thwarted by Izzo, and the follow-up was cleared.

Adelaide lifted late but a sending off for subtitute Liam Wodding put paid to any consolation.

Again it is hard to judge the Mariners with so many ovr-age players, though quite a few early season young regulars are in the first team squad. Word from the camp is that Mitchell Duke may not be long to join them, and several NYL players may get a gig come the ACL, especially with the finals/ACL overlap.

As for the Reds, they looked outgunned - too young and inexperienced at this stage.

2011/2012 National Youth League - Round 12
6:30pm, Friday 21 January, 2012
at Pluim Park, Lisarow

Central Coast Mariners FC 3
(Sam Gallagher 32', Kwabena Appiah-Kubi 42', Anthony Caceres 53')
Adelaide United FC 0

    Crowd: abt 140


    Central Coast Mariners FC :
    Player listing: 20. Justin Pasfield (gk)(OA), 2. Nikola Stanojevic, 3. Trent Sainsbury, 10. Mitchell Duke (12. Adam Jenner +56'), 15. Bradley McDonald, 11. Sam Gallagher (c), 6. Anthony Caceres (off?/on ?), 4. Stuart Musialik (OA), 7. Adriano Pellegrino (OA), 9. Kwabena Appiah-Kubi (16. Justin Hayward +56'), 14. Brad Porter (OA)

    Substitutes not used: 1. Dylan Mitchell (rgk), 5. Nicholas Littler

    Coach: Tony Walmsley

    Yellow Cards: Anthony Caceres 36', Trent Sainsbury
    Red Cards: Nil

    Adelaide United FC :
    Player listing: 1. Paul Izzo (gk), 3. Spase Dilevski (OA), 6. Chris Annicchiaro, 4. Jordan Elsey, 9. Teeboy Kamara, 10. Evan Kostopolous, 11. Nicholas Mavromatis (8. Liam Wooding +61' (RC)), 5. Jonathan Mavromatis, 2. Jake Monaco (15. Anthony Trimboli +60'), 18. Scott Nagel, 14. Allen Welsh

    Substitutes not used: 20. John Hall (rgk), 7. Dion Kirk

    Coach: Michael Valkanis

    Yellow Cards: Liam Wooding
    Red Cards: Liam Wooding

    Referee: Adam Gehrig 7/10
    Assistants: Tanya De Boer, Brad Peterkin; Fourth Official: Stephan Lucas; Match Commissioner: Melissa King

    BOTN players to watch:
    CCM: Mitchell Duke, Anthony Caceres, Kwabena Appiah-Kubi, Sam Gallagher; AU: Paul Izzo, Teeboy Kamara

    Game rating: 7/10

    Pitch rating: 8/10

    Match report, photos and ratings: Chris Dunkerley

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