National Youth League - 2011/2012 - Season 4

10-man Reds take away the points
By Alex Robinson

2011/2012 National Youth League - Round 8
2:30pm, Sunday 11 December, 2011
at Kingston Heath Soccer Complex, Melbourne

Melbourne Victory FC 1
(Daniel Chaabani 75')
lost to
Adelaide United FC 2
(Cameron Watson 58’, Dion Kirk 66')

In a bottom of the table battle, Melbourne Victory has failed to overcome a 10-man Adelaide United at Kingston Heath today.

Despite a dull first half by both teams, United would prove to be the dominate team, even managing to secure the win five minutes after losing Antony Golec from the game to a red card in the 60th minute.

United’s Teeboy Kamara started the game promisingly in the third minute with a strong shot well saved by Lawrence Thomas.

It would be a sign for both players as Kamara would set up both of Adelaide’s goal, while Thomas would also manage to pull off a number of good saves for the day.

In the 10th minute Marco Rojas managed to flick the ball up to himself in a ‘pseudo-rainbow’ trick, beating his opponent. However his shot went straight into the hands of Mark Birighitti.

From that point forward the game went into a lull. Both Jeggo brothers attempted ambitious long range shots and both went over the fence into the car park.

Despite Victory lacking chemistry and confidence up front they almost got the opener in the 37th minute. Isaka Cernak managed to dribble through the United defence from the left side of the box and sent a ball across the face of goal but Marco Rojas failed to get his foot on the ball.

Thankfully the game’s intensity picked up in the second half.

Kamara had a chance in the box in the 53rd minute but failed to capitalise. However just five minutes later he beat two players in the box before passing the ball perfectly across the goal to Cameron Watson who had an easy finish.

James Jeggo decided to take things into his own hands for Victory just a minute later with a brilliant finesse shot from outside box. It would have landed in the top right corner if not for an athletic save by Birighitti.

Just two minutes later Antony Golec received a red card for illegally denying Victory a legitimate opportunity for a goal by holding his man.

But this did not seem to stop United’s momentum as a well placed long ball allowed Kamara to counter-attack quickly and set up the second goal of the day, again passing across the box this time to Dian Kirk who doubled United’s lead.

Victory pulled one back in the 75th minute when Paulo Retre managed to get the ball to substitute Daniel Chaabani inside the box who finished truly.

Despite dominating the last 10 minutes of play it was a case of too little too late by Victory. A number of promising build up plays failed to capitalise with Melvin Becket, Jean Carlos Solorzano and Isaka Cernak failing to create and finish up front.

Frustration got to the Victory players with Hernan Espindola being booked with a yellow card in the 83rd minute after recklessly tackling from behind.

United managed to successfully hold out, to the dismay of Victory supporters, who believed that Birighitti was wasting time during his goal kicks. The United keeper subsequently received a yellow in the 91st minute for time wasting just before the end of the match.

Victory still remain at the bottom of the table without a victory this season while United now move to eight place.

2011/2012 National Youth League - Round 8
2:30pm, Sunday 11 December, 2011
at Kingston Heath Soccer Complex, Melbourne

Melbourne Victory FC 1
(Daniel Chaabani 75')
lost to
Adelaide United FC 2
(Cameron Watson 58’, Dion Kirk 66')

    Crowd: about 100


    Melbourne Victory FC :
    Player listing: 1. Lawrence Thomas (gk), 2. Paulo Retre, 3. Daniel Petrov, 4. Adam Nakic, 5. James Riccobene, 6. Luc Jeggo (14. Hernan Espindola +57’), 7. Isaka Cernak, 8. James Jeggo (c), 9. Jean Carlos Solorzano, 10. Luke O’Dea (15. Melvin Becket +35’), 11. Marco Rojas (17. Daniel Chaabani +46’)

    Substitutes not used: 20. Keegan Coulter (rgk)

    Coach: Darren Davies

    Yellow Cards: Hernan Espindola 83’
    Red Cards: Nil

    Adelaide United FC :
    Player listing: 1. Mark Birighitti (gk), 2. Jake Monaco, 3. Antony Golec (RC), 4. Jordan Elsey (c), 6. Evgeniy Levchenko (5. Jonathon Mavromatis +46’), 8. Cameron Watson, 9. Teeboy Kamara, 10. Ricardo Da Silva, 11. Nicholas Mavromatis (13. Allan Welsh +60’), 15. Shaun Harvey (7. Dion Kirk +46’), 18. Scott Nagel

    Substitutes not used: 20. John Hall (rgk)

    Coach: Michael Valkanis

    Yellow Cards: Mark Birighitti 91'
    Red Cards: Antony Golec 61'

    Referee:Greg Gontscharow 6/10
    Assistants: Lance Williams, Patrick Chaplin; Fourth Official: Jonathon Barreiro
    Match Commissioner: Mat Eggleton

    BOTN players to watch (pts 3,2,1): 3. Teeboy Kamara (Adelaide United), 2. Jordan Elsey (Adelaide United), 1. James Jeggo (Melbourne Victory)

    Game rating: 7/10

    Pitch rating: 7/10

    Match Report and ratings: by Alex Robinson


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