Westfield W-League - 2011/2012 - Season 4

Sydney's disappointing performance
By Stephen Webb

2011/2012 W-League - Round 10
3:00pm - Saturday 31 October, 2011 - Campbelltown Stadium, NSW

Sydney FC 1
(Renee Rollason 70’)
lost to
Newcastle Jets FC 2
(Gema Simon 10’, Nicole Bolger 37')

Sydney dropped to fifth on the table, a point below Newcastle, thanks to this disappointing performance in Campbelltown.

Newcastle got an early lead and valiantly held off Sydney’s attempts to equalise as the second half drew to a close.

The clear and present danger of Lisa de Vanna was realised in the second minute. However the Matildas forward wasted a neat through ball, putting her shot past the left post.

The opening five minutes were all Newcastle’s, goalkeeper Melissa Barbieri very vocal rallying her troops. Sydney gave away possession, frequently with long balls to nowhere.

In the eighth minute Sydney’s Leena Khamis got into the left side of Newcastle’s penalty area but only had the side netting for a target. Kylie Ledbrook also got away on the left of the box but missed past the right post and a defensive error almost got Sarah Walsh on goal.

Newcastle were better at finding target. A fantastic shot by Nicola Bolger called a save of equal quality from Allison Lipsher. Sydney cleared the resulting corner but surrendered the ball immediately and Emily Van Egmond set up Gema Simon to thump home Newcastle’s first goal.

Sydney responded, Barbieri punching one cross clear before Walsh and Renee Rollason hit their crosses over the Newcastle goal.

Emily van Egmond played long for De Vanna, this time caught offside.

Sydney’s passing was still wayward. Danielle Brogan belted a long ball and Walsh called for balls to feet. Brogan was played wide and hit another cross over the goal.

Barbieri came to the edge of her area to stop Leena Khamis and stopped a long shot from Rollason.

Sydney kept trying to chip over Newcastle’s backline, looking for Khamis, but couldn’t weight the passes correctly.

Alex Huynh was marvellous intercepting a cross from Walsh.

Twenty-five minutes into the game and Sydney were taking control.

Monnique Kofoed fouled Kyah Simon. Sydney won a corner from the free kick and Thea Slatyer headed over goal at the right post.

Sydney were pressing well and Newcastle had fewer opportunities to find De Vanna.

Walsh mishit a cross following a good Sydney build-up. Teresa Polias played Caitlin Foord into the box but she was offside. Then, in the 32nd minute, Walsh got away down the right and put in a great cross for Kyah Simon, who only hit the side netting.

Walsh was getting frustrated with her teammates and with herself — though this was the best I had seen her play this season.

Foord did some fine defensive work and Walsh put over another cross that Barbieri had to grab twice to hold. But the ball was sent straight down the other end where Bolger put Newcastle ahead by two.

In the 39th minute De Vanna was sent away again and attempted to lob Lipsher. Lipsher got her hands to the ball but it dropped over her head and she had to turn and chase to prevent Newcastle’s third goal.

Sydney played possession football up to Newcastle’s penalty area and drew Polias forward for a shot over goal. Sydney came again and Ledbrook hit a well-struck volley into the back of a defender.

A hard chase by Walsh into the right corner was rewarded with a poor ball from Kyah Simon — again high over goal. But Newcastle then did the same thing at the other end.

Ariane Hingst did some good work dispossessing Kyah Simon and Walsh.

By half time clouds had cleared — perhaps an omen for a sunnier second half for Sydney?

In the 47th minute Sydney again got to the edge of Newcastle’s box and Barbieri had to make her first serious save.

Kyah Simon did well down the left to get the ball to Khamis, who shot blind and well to the right of goal.

Walsh called another good save from Barbieri but Newcastle got away again, courtesy of De Vanna feeding O’Neill, who shot from the left across the face of goal.

Kyah Simon attempted a lofted shot from the edge of the area but it was easy pickings for Barbieri.

In the 58th minute Sydney were looking on top again ... but De Vanna set Bolger away on the right and Newcastle won a corner.

In the 64th minute Walsh blasted high and another good spell of possession went for nothing. Walsh was soon replaced by Teigan Allen. That left Sydney with only the left flank for any attack of consequence.

A mistake by Estelle Johnson let De Vanna have a run at goal. It should have been Newcastle’s third but Slatyer chased De Vanna down and put her off her shot.

Foord down the left got into the box but couldn’t better Stacey Day and resorted to a non-shot to Barbieri. A half clearance by Day allowed Foord another opportunity. This time she tripped on the ball, nevertheless retaining her composure and finding Rollason in front of goal. Her strong, rising shot gave Barbieri no chance. With 20 minutes to go Sydney seemed to be heading for a draw at least.

A similar move in the 71st minute almost paid off, the ball relayed to Brogan who missed from the right of goal.

Two minutes later Kyah Simon benefitted from a rebound on a Newcastle clearance, got onto goal and was denied by another great save by Barbieri.

In the 76th minute Ledbrook sprayed a shot wide to the left of goal. It was all Sydney. Newcastle were playing like they were hanging in with seconds to go.

Brogan blew another cross, earning a call of “Easy one” from the bench.

Kyah Simon got into the box on the left but resisted the urge to shoot — instead laying back to someone in a worse position.

Van Egmond put a bomb over Sydney’s goal and Barbieri came out bravely to stop Khamis, neatly played in behind Newcastle’s backs. A wonderful tackle by Alex Huynh stopped another run by Foord. Foord again got away down the left, this time cutting in and shooting high.

At the end of 90 minutes Khamis was again played to goal but this time was offside.

Newcastle countered through De Vanna releasing Rhali Dobson but Sydney recovered.

De Vanna fouled Ledbrook near the sideline but come off worse, claiming an injury. Ledbrook was yellow-carded for attempting to push De Vanna off the pitch so play could continue. De Vanna miraculously rose to her feet.

The game was over for Sydney in any case.

A Newcastle fan called from the stands that Alex (Huynh) was his hero. De Vanna was the most dangerous player on the pitch but the efforts of Huynh and Barbieri in particular and other backs, notably Day, could not be ignored when accounting for Newcastle’s victory.

On the other side ... Sydney try to be too cute — with flicks and glancing passes that other teams would employ only when comfortably in the lead. And going direct for goal seems to be outlawed: even when a clear shot is on the drill is to pull back for a player they hope is there and, if lucky, with a better chance.

2011/2012 W-League - Round 10
3:00pm - Saturday 31 October, 2011 - Campbelltown Stadium, NSW

Sydney FC 1
(Renee Rollason 70’)

lost to
Newcastle Jets FC 2
(Gema Simon 10’, Nicole Bolger 37')



    Sydney FC :
    Player listing: 1. Allison Lipsher (gk), 2. Teresa Polias, 3. Danielle Brogan (13. Brittany Whitfield 81’), 4. Renee Rollason, 5. Estelle Johnson, 8. Caitlin Foord, 9. Sarah Walsh (12. Teigan Allen 66’), 10. Kylie Ledbrook, 15. Thea Slatyer, 19. Leena Khamis, 17. Kyah Simon

    Substitutes not used: 30. Sham Khamis (rgk), 21. Chloe Logarzo

    Coach: John Stajcic

    Yellow Cards: Caitlin Foord 77’, Kylie Ledbrook 90’+4
    Red Cards: Nil

    Newcastle Jets FC :
    Player listing: 1. Melissa Barbieri (gk), 3. Alanna Kennedy, 5. Alexandra Huynh, 6. Nicola Bolger, 7. Gema Simon, 8. Linda O’Neill (15. Rhali Dobson 83’), 10. Emily Van Egmond, 11. Lisa De Vanna, 12. Monnique Kofoed (9. Tara Andrews 90’), 13. Stacey Day, 17. Ariane Hingst

    Substitutes not used: 20 Alison Logue (rgk), 16. Cassandra Koppen

    Coach: Clayton Zane

    Yellow Cards: Ariane Hingst 61’
    Red Cards: Nil

    Referee: Kirralee Gardner tba/10
    Assistants: tba ; 4th official: tba

    BOTN players to watch:
    3. Lisa De Vanna (Newcastle), 2. Melissa Barbieri (Newcastle), 1. Alex Huynh (Newcastle)

    Pitch rating: tba/10

    Game rating: tba/10

    Match report, photos and ratings: Stephen Webb

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