Westfield W-League - 2011/2012 - Season 4

Sydney .. Can’t cross, can’t shoot
By Stephen Webb

2011/2012 W-League - Round 3
3:00pm - Saturday 5 November, 2011 - Leichardt Oval

Sydney FC 0
lost to
Canberra United FC 1
(Ashleigh Sykes 18')

Sydney .. Can’t cross, can’t shoot. And Canberra proved that a team with a simple, direct style of play can beat a short-passing, possession-style team with no strike force.

Canberra kicked off and quickly won a free kick, taken by Ellyse Perry and punched away by Allison Lipsher. The first corner also went to Canberra.

Sydney attacked with aplomb and a tremendous sequence of passes before a shot by Kylie Ledbrook was deflected for a Sydney corner.

Danielle Brogan was good defending against Canberra’s Caitlin Munoz and Teigan Allen had the first shot on target — soft and low from outside the box and easy for Lydia Williams to gather.

Michelle Heyman had an effective run into the left of Sydney’s penalty area but Thea Slater battled her away.

Sydney’s counter was a long ball hit through at the wrong angle for Sarah Walsh, making it easy for Nicole Sykes to cover.

Canberra were playing a tidy game but Renee Rollason managed to find Walsh on the right; Walsh wasting what might have been a shot across the box.

Sykes again got the better of Walsh but Sydney won a corner, well headed clear by Caitlin Cooper.

Sydney’s players were lining up outside Canberra’s penalty area for a chance to shoot, Servet Uzunlar eventually firing just to the right of goal.

Canberra’s Jennifer Bisset was skilful for a moment but was fouled for her efforts; Canberra then switching from left to right, the ball set back for Perry, who shot low and hard to Lipsher.

Sydney were looking better overall but Canberra still looked more capable of scoring — proven in the 19th minute when the ball was played into the right of the Sydney penalty area for Michelle Heyman. Lipsher started coming to the ball, changed her mind and stumbled while retreating. The goal was open, the shot came across the face, simple for Ashleigh Sykes to tap in.

Taryn Hemmings, a constant annoyance to Sydney’s backs, was soon in another dangerous position, coming across goal from the right to meet a cross from the left. Sydney regained possession and started another slow build from the back, losing in midfield and allowing Canberra to set off with their more direct approach.

Munoz sent in another cross from the left, just too hard for the player arriving at the right post.

Sydney were unsettled. Even in attack. Garriock and Walsh had a misunderstanding and exchanged words. Rollason — again holding the ball too long (maybe her team mates don’t talk to her) — turned it over to Munoz.

Hemmings made a great run, unchallenged, but hooked her shot to the right of goal.

Cooper beat Rollason on a through ball but Rollason justifiably challenged a throw in decision against her.

Estelle Johnson had plenty of time to shoot from the D but made a lame, half-arsed effort. Sydney, scrapping, won a corner — too long by Garriock. Which was not Walsh’s problem: several balls on the right; couldn’t cross them to save herself.

Ashleigh Sykes down Canberra’s left flank put a great ball in for Hemmings, who could only get sufficient contact to push the ball past the left post.

Sydney managed a through ball for Garriock who got clear but could only hit the side netting. A half clearance by Shipard on a cross from Allen fell to Garriock, whose volley again hit the side netting.

At the other end a hospital pass from Lipsher to Brogan almost let Hemmings in.

Sydney were trying to play possession football, only to constantly waste it. But Rollason on the right hit a good cross for Ledbrook only to see Ashleigh Sykes cut it out.

Sydney must have been dreading the half time “appraisal”. Would things improve for them in the second half? Sadly, not much.

Caitlin Foord replaced the out-of-sorts Walsh, injecting new momentum into the Sydney attack.

But Canberra had the first good chance of the second half. Heyman pulled the ball back for Bisset, whose shot while falling was easy for Lipsher.

Then Garriock on the right, fed beautifully by Foord, played the ball back in for Foord whose shot required a reflex save by Williams above her head. Soon after Sydney came closest to scoring with a bomb from Teigen Allen hitting the Canberra crossbar.

Canberra again countered quickly, Heyman forcing Danielle Brogan to clear off the line.

Sydney responded again through Garriock on the right but she blew her cross. Then Rollason had a chance, working across the top of the box, looking for an opening that just kept closing. And Johnson, outside the top left corner of the box, fired high.

Heyman was quick down Canberra’s right and hit a good, low cross that called a save from Lipsher.

Rollason wasted a cross high over goal and Terasa Polias pumped an Ellie Brush clearance high. Allen wasted possession again with a speculative cross from the right.

Canberra were effective doubling up to shut down Sydney on the ball, forcing them to take long shots. Sydney’s alternative was to persist with cute short passes — poorly directed.

Allen was replaced by Brittany Whitfield, adding a bit more venom for Sydney.

The home side had a penalty appeal turned down and immediately after Whitfield had her legs taken away, also in the penalty area, but still no reward from the referee.

Garriock hit a free kick from half way over the Canberra wall and falling for Rollason, who did a great job getting a foot to the ball for a decent shot saved by Williams.

Ashleigh Sykes just missed contact with a cross from the right. Heyman shot high. And Hemmings made a great effort to control the ball outside the Sydney penalty area but shot just over.

In defence, Canberra were playing strongly and beating Sydney at the physical game.

Rollason got in a decent cross for Foord who was blocked by a defender. Foord then hit a soft shot on the turn after a chest down by Ledbrook.

Williams made another fine save from Whitfield point blank on a cross from Garriock on the left — Williams remonstrating that her defenders weren’t marking to her satisfaction.

Foord on a break down the left drew Williams off her line to make another save. Sydney’s corner was eventually cleared off the line.

Garriock on a wonderful through ball fought her way through Perry and Ellie Brush but ended up too close to Williams to release a decent shot.

A Whitfield shot was blocked by Nicole Sykes and Whitfield hit a good cross but Rollason chose not to volley and then lost possession after a poor first touch.

Whitfield played back for Uzunlar, who shot high and Bisset did a good job dispossessing Ledbrook.

And justifying my pick for player of the match: Williams made a great recovery after spilling a cross from the left and blocked Whitfield.

Three minutes of time added on would never be enough to help Sydney find the equaliser.

Garriock was best for Sydney in terms of effort and ground covered. But her crosses were wayward and support from her team mates was similarly erratic.

2011/2012 W-League - Round 3
3:00pm - Saturday 5 November, 2011 - Leichardt Oval

Sydney FC 0
lost to
Canberra United FC 1
(Ashleigh Sykes 18')

    Crowd: tba


    Sydney FC :
    Player listing: 1. Alison Lipsher (gk), 2. Teresa Polias, 3. Danielle Brogan, 4. Renee Rollason, 5. Estelle Johnson, 6. Servet Uzunlar, 7. Heather Garriock, 9. Sarah Walsh (8. Caitlin Foord +46’), 10. Kylie Ledbrook, 12. Teigan Allen (13. Brittany Whitfield +63’), 15. Thea Slatyer

    Substitutes not used: Substitutes Not Used: 14. Rachael Soutar, 20. Monique Jackson (rgk)

    Coach: John Stajic

    Yellow Cards: Kylie Ledbrook, Teigan Allen
    Red Cards: Nil

    Canberra United FC :
    Player listing: 1. Lydia Williams (gk), 2. Caitlin Cooper, 6. Caitlin Munoz (10. Snez Veljanovska +94’), 7. Ellie Brush, 11. Michelle Heyman (3. Georgia Yeoman-Dale +86’), 13. Nicole Sykes, 14. Ashleigh Sykes, 15. Sally Shipard, 16. Ellyse Perry, 18. Taryn Hemmings, 19. Jennifer Bisset (9. Grace Gill +89’)

    Substitutes not used: 20. Aroon Clansey (rgk)

    Coach: Jitka Klmkova

    Yellow Cards: Ellie Brush, Jennifer Bisset
    Red Cards: Nil

    Referee: Kirralee Gardner tba/10
    Assistants: Allyson Flynn, Melinda Bell; Fourth Official: Katie Patterson

    BOTN players to watch:
    1. Lydia Williams (Canberra United); 2. Sally Shipard (Canberra United); 3. Taryn Hemmings (Canberra United). Player to watch, not best on the day: Caitlin Foord

    Pitch rating: 9/10

    Game rating: 6/10

    Match report, photos and ratings: Stephen Webb

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