Hyundai A-League - 2012/2013 - Season 8

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Who owns this City? Settled for now!
By Stephen Webb

2012/2013 Hyundai A-League - Round 11
7:45pm, Saturday 15 December, 2012
at Sydney Football Stadium

Sydney FC 0
lost to
Western Sydney Wanderers FC 2
(Youssouf Hersi 24', Michael Beauchamp 77')

Who owns this city?

That was the ad about town and on Sydney FC’s website last week.

On the basis of tonight’s game it certainly isn’t and doesn’t look like being Sydney FC — for this season at least.

After the first Sydney derby at Sydney FC’s home ground, Sydney remain at the foot of the table. Goals from Youssouf Hersi and Michael Beauchamp moved Wanderers into fourth position.

Great crowd. Fabulous atmosphere, largely thanks to the Red and Black Bloc who arrived early and bounced and sang their lungs out. They made Allianz Stadium their own and a visitor could have thought the Cove — singing lullabies — were the away crowd.

Shinji Ono directed the game. Youssouf Hersi had a ball. Sydney’s stars? The team played better without them the week before.

Jason Culina started. He was good. Alessandro Del Piero was on the bench. Brett Emerton was captain with Terry McFlynn suspended.

Sydney actually looked interested in the game at the start — exciting even. Culina was firing. Sydney’s first corner was thanks to Michael Beauchamp dealing with an Emerton cross.

Then the bad signs. Shannon Cole was getting fancy on the left. Hersi was getting fancy on the right. Hersi set up a shot for Mateo Poljak.

Adam D’Apuzzo was giving Rhyan grant a hard time.

Fabio had some good moments: chasing back and dispossessing Hersi and clearing after Joseph Gibbs in front and Ono on the left worked well to create a chance. Hersi earned his yellow by fouling Fabio.

Lacopo La Rocca was allowed to run and shoot past the left post. Ono beat Terry Antonis to a loose ball and shot just wide to the right of goal.

Antonis looked lost. Always unsure what to do when he got the ball. Not his usual game at all. Culina was the recipient of many Sydney passes. Too many. It was the only idea: give the ball to Jason. Sometimes Jason seemed to be thinking: Hey, how about you guys play the ball forward now and then!

Hersi fouled Fabio again. A sign Fabio was doing a good job.

An Antonis shot was blocked. Yairo Yau kicked the ball to Ante Covic. La Rocca kicked the ball to Vedran Janjetovic.

Antonis was good stealing the ball from Gibbs on the edge of Sydney’s penalty area.

Then ... Sebastian Ryall headed away a cross under pressure from Gibbs. But the ball wasn’t cleared. It fell for Hersi, goal-side of Antonis and Pascal Bosschaart. Hersi took the ball away from goal between the two Sydney players, turned and shot past them into the goal.

A simple back-heel would have sufficed. But, no, Hersi had to show off. And humiliate Antonis and Bosschaart.

Fabio won a corner for Sydney. And a Bosschaart error resulted in Ono shooting just past the top left corner.

Antonis was fouled, Culina took the free kick and Griffiths headed wide.

Gibbs, in the top left corner of the Sydney penalty area, hit an easy shot for Janjetovic to save.

Sydney had a lot of possession around the Wanderers’ box but took no shot, Hersi from the right blasted wide, and Culina skinned La Rocca who fouled Culina and was yellow carded.

It looked as if, without Del Piero to target for caring attention, Culina was the next best option.

Beauchamp outmuscled Emerton.

Sydney had started well but were without ideas or purpose by the end of the first half. Wanderers weren’t wonderful but at least they got some shots away.

The first shot of the second half was from Gibbs and easy for Janjetovic to collect. The Wanderers looked comfortable.

Blake Powell hit a long shot for Sydney, Covic couldn’t hold but there was no follow-up.

Emerton was having a dog, offering nothing on Sydney’s right. Yau was even worse on the left. And was replaced by Ali Abbas.

Culina took a corner from the left and Bosschaart made soft contact, providing no trouble for Covic.

Sydney had a three versus two advantage heading into the Wanderers’ box but Emerton couldn’t find them.

Aaron Mooy came on for La Rocca and Culina made way for Del Piero. Coach knows best but ... wouldn’t Del Piero be more useful if there was someone on the field who could pass the ball to him?

Now that Culina was gone ... guess who the new target was? Mooy hacked Del Piero and kicked the ball away — yellow card.

Hersi’s withdrawal was no relief for Sydney. Tahj Minniecon was even more trouble. Janjetovic needed to make a great save to deny a Minniecon shot but Sydney had a free kick in any case.

Wanderers’ second goal resulted from even more shocking defence from Sydney. An Ono cross from the left was allowed to drop at the near post and bounce through for Beauchamp, unmarked, to score. Two other Wanderers came close to touching the ball in.

Minniecon, on his own, ran into the right of the Sydney box and Adam Griffiths cleared off the line and was lucky not to damage himself sliding onto the goalpost.

Shannon Cole hit Antonis at the post from the corner, Minniecon played on for Jerome Polenz who won another corner. Ono broke with Minniecon and set him on goal but Janjetovic saved.

Minniecon won a corner from Fabio, Powell set up Del Piero for a soft shot, and Ono set up Mooy for a disappointing shot wide to the right of goal.

Emerton headed back for Wanderers’ substitute Dino Kresinger, who turned to goal and hit target.

Del Piero had only been on for ten minutes and was already walking. With his head down. He missed a pass.

Emerton was working hard all over the park but gave away three passes in a row. Finally Emerton found Del Piero with a short pass. But Del Piero only had Powell in front of him ... with five Wanderers’ defenders. Powell could have made a cup of tea waiting for support to arrive.

It was sad. And embarrassing.

2012/2013 Hyundai A-League - Round 11
7:45pm, Saturday 15 December, 2012
at Sydney Football Stadium

Sydney FC 0
lost to
Western Sydney Wanderers FC 2
(Youssouf Hersi 24', Michael Beauchamp 77')

    Crowd: 26,176


    Sydney FC :
    Player listing:
    20. Vedran Janjetovic (gk), 2. Sebastian Ryall, 3. Fabio, 4. Pascal Bosschaart, 6. Jason Culina (10. Alessandro Del Piero +70'), 7. Brett Emerton (C), 8. Adam Griffiths, 12. Blake Powell, 17. Terry Antonis, 21. Yairo Yau (22. Ali Abbas +59'), 23. Rhyan Grant (9. Paul Reid +79')

    Substitutes: 1. Ivan Necevski (rgk)

    Coach: Frank Farina

    Yellow Cards: Alessandro Del Piero 85'
    Red Cards: Nil

    Western Sydney Wanderers FC :
    Player listing:
    1. Ante Covic (rg), 2. Shannon Cole, 3. Adam D’Apuzzo, 4. Nikolai Topor-Stanley, 5. Michael Beauchamp, 6. Jerome Polenz, 8. Mateo Poljak, 13. Joseph Gibbs (9. Dino Kresinger +'), 17. Youssouf Hersi (12. Tahj Minniecon +'), 18. Iacopo La Rocca (10. Aaron Mooy +'), 21. Shinji Ono

    Substitutes: 20. Jerrad Tyson (rgk)

    Coach: Tony Popovic

    Yellow Cards: Youssouf Hersi 15, Iacopo La Rocca 42', Aaron Mooy 72'
    Red Cards: Nil

    Referee: Chris Beath 8/10
    Assistants: Matthew Cream, Owen Goldrick
    Fourth official: Kris Griffith-Jones

    BOTN Player Points:
    3. Sinji Ono (Wanderers)
    2. Jason Culina (Sydney)
    1. Youssouf Hersi (Wanderers)

    Pitch rating: 7/10

    Game rating: 6/10

    Match report, photos and ratings: Stephen Webb

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