Hyundai A-League - 2012/2013 - Season 8

Sydney overcame lacklustre Adelaide
By Stephen Webb

2012/2013 Hyundai A-League - Round 21
5:30pm, Saturday 16 February, 2013
at Sydney Football Stadium

Sydney FC 2
(Terry Antonis 49’, Blake Powell 67’')
Adelaide United FC
(Tomi Juric 78')

An untidy Sydney overcame a lacklustre Adelaide tonight, thanks to goals from two of the many youngsters in its suspension-depleted squad.

With Brett Emerton, Joel Griffiths and Ali Abbas suspended, the younger players shouldered well the additional responsibility.

Sydney’s goals were fortunate but the win was deserved given Adelaide’s disinterest.

Peter Triantis, one of Sydney’s standouts the previous week, continued in the same fashion against Adelaide, very mobile across the park and passing and tackling with aplomb.

Near the start of the game he nearly succeeded stealing the ball on the edge of the Adelaide penalty area.

Blake Powell ran into a solid Nigel Boogaard on the line to the left of goal after a cross from Fabio.

Jeronimo Neumann fired high for Adelaide after a free kick from the right following a foul by Rhyan Grant. But ten minutes in there hadn’t been a decent shot on target.

Sydney were spending a good deal of time working towards Adelaide’s goal but frequently broke down; even Alessandro Del Piero, with less energy than the previous week and touch letting him down, failing to get the better of his double markers. Adelaide also had a height advantage that made much of Sydney’s crossing fruitless.

Daniel Bowles had some luck with a run down the right, culminating in a stabbed shot to Vedran Janjetovic.

Fabio was made to work chasing Adelaide’s long balls, while Del Piero did some chasing of his own, attacking down Sydney’s right.

Triantis put great pressure on Dario Vidosic and a lovely ball through from Del Piero found Powell, who had to run past four players, beating Iain Fyfe, but was stopped on the edge of the area by an excellent tackle from Jonathan McKain.

Del Piero went down like a sack of spuds near the top left corner of the Adelaide penalty area and struck his free kick into the wall.

In the 23rd minute Terry Antonis struck wide from the edge of the area. Then Terry McFlynn, also from the edge of the area, had a shot deflected for a corner. The corner was repelled out of the box where Antonis hit a dipping drive just over the crossbar.

Grant had a shot blocked but the rebound fell in his path and his second effort found its way to the target, where Eugene Galekovic had to dive to save.

Boogaard beat Powell in a heading duel at the left post on a cross from the right. Galekovic pushed the resulting corner clear and McFlynn volleyed over the sideline.

Antonis squared to Powell who hit an undemanding shot to Galekovic when Antonis was expecting a return.

“We’re lacking firepower at the moment,” came a voice in the seats behind me. Who could have been the guy who criticised McFlynn for failing in two attempts to find players behind Adelaide’s defence. Or the guy who reckoned Del Piero was “having a shit game”, turning over lots of possession.

One little bit of Del Piero magic (in addition to his free kicks) was his cushioning a long pass and dropping it for Antonis (the advantage of which was wasted because Antonis was as surprised by as the fans were amazed at the legend’s exquisite skill).

Adelaide briefly showed what they were capable of, with three quick passes opening up Sydney’s defence and only a timely Adam Griffiths interception preventing the visitors going into the lead.

Tiago Calvano fouled Marcelo Carrusca, whose free kick floated to Janjetovic.

A potentially great cross from Del Piero went straight through the Adelaide penalty area untouched and Neumann shot high after Sydney gave away possession amid confusion playing out of defence.

Grant, not the tallest of players, made an important header to deny Adelaide at the right post on a cross from the left.

Triantis, hurt near the end of the first half, didn’t return for the second. That could have damaged Sydney’s prospects but Paul Reid made an effective if different replacement.

Sydney’s first real chance came from Del Piero; his free kick striking the foot of the left upright and nearly bouncing into goal off the diving Galekovic.

Sydney’s first goal quickly followed. Reid played right to Antonis, whose initially unthreatening shot took a harsh deflection off Fyfe into the goal beyond a wrong-footed Galekovic.

An Adelaide free kick provided no problem for Janjetovic, a strong run into the Adelaide box by Sebastian Ryall won Sydney a corner, and a ball from the feet of Del Piero was pushed out to Reid who shot wide to the left.

The relatively small Fabio won a header against Bowles, and McFlynn stopped a run by Bowles with a fabulous tackle after Fabio fell.

Antony Golec fouled Antonis and Del Piero’s free kick flew just past the right post.

Reid sent a good ball across to Powell on left. Powell found Del Piero, whose shot from a narrow angle was wonderfully saved by Galekovic.

Ryall made an important defensive header and Boogaard stopped Antonis making his way into the Adelaide box. Sydney won a corner from which the ball, played low, bounced off Griffiths and was turned into the net by Powell.

“It’s hard to believe this mob beat Melbourne Victory last week.”

Fabio beat Vidosic to a header and Del Piero was fouled again and had a free kick 26 metres from goal. Galekovic had to save at the foot of the right post.

Sydney’s defence had been sound throughout the game but were caught napping by a long kick from Galekovic that sent substitute Tomi Juric goal-bound. Juric had an easy chance and took it well.

Fabio beat Malik to a header, Vidosic hit the side net from an impossible angle to the right of goal, and Juric hit a long shot to Janjetovic.

Del Piero was tumbled by Fyfe, who also halted an optimistic but eventually disappointing run by Fabio into the Adelaide penalty area, and later headed high on a corner from the left.

Reid had another shot blocked and the game ended with Sydney playing desperately to hold onto its lead and climb into fifth spot.

2012/2013 Hyundai A-League - Round 21
5:30pm, Saturday 16 February, 2013
at Sydney Football Stadium

Sydney FC 2
(Terry Antonis 49’, Blake Powell 67’')
Adelaide United FC
(Tomi Juric 78’')

    Crowd: 15,602


    Sydney FC :
    Player listing:
    20. Vedran Janjetovic (gk), 2. Sebastian Ryall, 3. Fabio, 8. Adam Griffiths, 10. Alessandro Del Piero, 12. Blake Powell (16. Joel Chianese 76’), 13. Tiago Calvano, 15. Terry McFlynn, 17. Terry Antonis, 23. Rhyan Grant, 26. Peter Triantis (9. Paul Reid 46’).

    Substitutes not used: 1. Ivan Necevski (gk), 18. Trent McClenahan (rgk)

    Coach: Frank Farina

    Yellow Cards: Terry McFlynn 68'
    Red Cards: Nil

    Adelaide United FC :
    Player listing:
    1. Eugene Galekovic (gk), 2. Osama Malik, 3. Nigel Boogaard, 4. Jonathan McKain (14. Cameron Watson 62’), 5. Iain Fyfe, 8. Marcelo Carrusca, 10 Dario Vidosic, 12. Antony Golec, 16. Daniel Bowles (18. Fabian Barbiero 67’), 17. Iain Ramsey (25. Tomi Juric 76’), 21. Jeronimo Neumann

    Substitutes not used: 20. Paul Izzo (rgk)

    Acting Coach: Sergio Melta

    Yellow Cards: Anthony Golec 59’, Iain Fyfe 83’, Michael Carrusca 84'
    Red Cards: Nil

    Referee: Srebre Delovski 8/10
    Assistants: Matthew Cream and Scott Edeling; Fourth official: Kris Griffiths-Jones

    BOTN Player Points:
    2. Eugene Galekovic (Adelaide)
    1. Fabio (Sydney)
    1. Peter Triantis (Sydney)
    1. Allessandro Del Piero (Sydney)

    Pitch rating: 7/10

    Game rating: 6/10

    Match report, photos and ratings: Stephen Webb

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