Hyundai A-League - 2012/2013 - Season 8

Sydney and Them
By Stephen Webb

2012/2013 Hyundai A-League - Round 8
7:30pm, Friday 23 November, 2012
at Sydney Football Stadium

Sydney FC 2
(Yairo Yau 57')
lost to
Adelaide United FC 2
(Fabio Ferreira 21’, Dario Vidosic 88')

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For a while in the second half it looked as though Sydney might win.

But then someone said, “Pinch me” and the game woke up. In the cold, hard light of reality Adelaide strung passes together. Sydney’s defence went AWOL. And the team coming top extended its lead. And fans of the team coming last left the ground singing, “We’re shit and we know we are ...”

Adelaide’s starting line up was unchanged following their win over Melbourne Heart. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Sydney was very broke. Paul Reid was out and Rhyan Grant was on the bench. Joining him there was Jason Culina. New on the park were a returning Terry Antonis and Adam Griffiths — would he plug the hole in defence?

When the teams were announced skipper Terry McFlynn received habitual boos and Culina was welcomed warmly.

There was trouble for Sydney soon after kick off with Dario Vidosic crossing from the right of the box and Evan Kostopoulos unlucky at the left post.

Marcelo Carrusca had a casual shot; as though he was just loosening up. Ominous.

Allesandro Del Piero put a dent in Adelaide’s confidence, working his way to the line left of the visitors’ goal and calling a very smart save from Eugene Galekovic.

Antonis, moving left across the top of the Adelaide penalty area, hit a soft shot to the right of goal.

A good one-two with Jeronimo Neumann let Carrusca put the ball past Ivan Necevski but he was (controversially) ruled offside.

Kostopoulos was set up with a great chance in front of goal but Necevski saved well.

Sydney, looking very ragged, could only respond by giving away free kicks and collecting yellow cards.

Vidosic got to the line to the left of Sydney’s goal but Ali Abbas slid in to put him off his shot.

In the 19th minute Osama Malik robbed Del Piero. Everything seemed easy for Adelaide.

And Sydney’s marking was again non-existent as Vidosic flicked on for Fabio Ferreira to have an easy shot and score.

“Bring on Culina,” called the crowd.

“Or some defenders!”

Vidosic in Sydney’s penalty area had a weak shot to Necevski.

Antonis almost got Yairo Yau through on goal but the pass was cut out.

Adelaide looked like a well-oiled machine. Doing it easy.

Fabio, robbed, fouled in frustration and was rewarded with a yellow.

Malik stole the ball from Emerton.

Half an hour into the game and Sydney started having some time with the ball.

Antonis was good on the right and the ball fell for Del Piero on the left. Del Piero won a corner and soon had the ball back, appealing in vain for hand ball.

Fabio was good dispossessing Kostopoulos in the right corner and Fabio’s persistence at the other end won Sydney a corner.

Emerton, twice with the ball on the right, gave it away; Antonis, however, was having a dream of a game, hitting a lovely ball through for Yau and then wide for Emerton, who hit a decent cross in from the right.

Sebastian Ryall won a free kick just outside the top right corner of the Adelaide penalty area; the Sydney fans unhappy that Adelaide players weren’t copping their fair share of yellow cards.

Del Piero’s free kick was a beauty, forcing Galekovic to stretch high to prevent the ball dipping under the crossbar.

Del Piero was often expected to work wonders on his own; even he couldn’t break past four red shirts with no support.

Sydney looked to be having the better of the end of the first half.

Then Ferreira hit a lovely swinging ball in from the left for Jeronimo ... just too close to Necevski.

The second half began with Yau losing the ball to Ferreira and fouling him.

Fabio seemed free on goal but was ruled offside.

Yau fell under a push and the crowd asked how it wasn’t a foul. McFlynn asked the same of the referee, despairingly putting his face in his hands.

A good ball by McFlynn down the right found Emerton, who lost out to his marker.

Abbas got in some good touches it the middle of the park ... then gave the ball away to Vidosic.

“Pull him off, Corica!”

A beautiful ball from Del Piero on the left found Antonis on the edge of Adelaide’s penalty area. Antonis chested the ball down and shot across the face of goal.

But then ... Yau, supplied down the left by Bosschaart, got away from Iain Fyfe and Cameron Watson and shot across Galekovic inside the right post. Sydney were even. Amazing!

Adelaide had been looking unsettled. This was the result.

Sydney increased its attacking options, replacing McFlynn with Joel Chianese.

Vidosic cleverly left the ball for Jeronimo who made enough room for himself to shoot from outside the penalty area.

Watson was good robbing Chianese and Ryall was nearly sent off for a second yellow that wasn’t; soon Ryall was running at goal, somehow getting through the red line and shooting on target.

Culina replaced Abbas and received a standing ovation — respect and encouragement after nearly two years out with what looked like a career-ending injury.

Ferreira in the right of Sydney’s box played back for Watson, who shot dangerously close.

Nigel Boogaard got some decent applause when awarded a yellow card for fouling Del Piero.

Vidosic played out to Watson, who hit a good cross for Fabian Barbiero to head very high.

Ferreira from the goal line pulled the ball back across the face of goal but mercifully for Sydney no Adelaide players were arriving.

A great ball from Del Piero found Chianese in Adelaide’s penalty area but ... another offside. The linesman took a long time to make his decision and Sydney fans let him know how they felt. Especially when Chianese was again too quick for the defence ... and the linesman ... and was again ruled offside.

That was enough. Every time anyone got the ball the crowd called out, “Offside! Offside!”

Bruce Djite, under pressure from Fabio and Pascal Bosschaart, did well to get into Sydney’s box but shot wide.

Chianese once more was caught offside and the offside-crazy crowd jeered the linesman some more.

Djite and Iain Ramsay both had heading chances at the left post, as Adelaide came home with a wet sail.

And it was the familiar call from the fans around me — “No marking whatsoever!” — as unmarked Nigel Boogaard struck hard against the crossbar (unlucky the ball didn’t bounce over the line), the ball rebounding to an unmarked Kostopoulos, who took an air swing, leaving the scoring honours to an unmarked Vidosic behind him.

In time added on Bosschaart gave the ball away to Watson, who forced Necevski into another save.

Emerton shot weakly wide to the left of goal, Del Piero was stiffening up, but Culina still looked mobile. Sydney weren’t discredited by this result (just don’t mention “last on the ladder”). They just had nothing left to trouble Adelaide.

And Adelaide?

Cult literary author David Foster Wallace (unfortunately a tennis fan) attributed Pete Sampras’ habit of losing in order to win matches, to Sampras “sort of adjusting the idle on his game, trying to find the exact level he needed to win.”

It’s not a far stretch to think Sydney’s period of dominance was just Adelaide on idle, waiting to find the level they knew they had in order to win.

2012/2013 Hyundai A-League - Round 8
7:30pm, Friday 23 November, 2012
at Sydney Football Stadium

Sydney FC 2
(Yairo Yau 57')
lost to
Adelaide United FC 2
(Fabio Ferreira 21’, Dario Vidosic 88')

    Crowd: 13,317


    Sydney FC :
    Player listing:
    1. Ivan Necevski (gk), 2.Sebastian Ryall, 3.Fabio, 4.Pascal Bosschaart, 7.Brett Emerton, 8.Adam Griffiths (23.Rhyan Grant +78’), 10.Alessandro Del Piero, 15.Terry McFlynn (c) (16.Joel Chianese +58’), 17.Terry Antonis, 21.Yairo Yau, 22.Ali Abbas (6.Jason Culina +68’)

    Substitutes: 20. Vedran Janjetovic (rgk)

    Acting Coach: Steve Corica

    Yellow Cards: Griffiths 7’, Antonis 19’, Yau 27’, Ryall 63’, Chianese 77'
    Red Cards: Nil

    Adelaide United FC :
    Player listing:
    1. Eugene Galekovic (gk) (c), 2.Osama Malik, 3. Nigel Boogaard, 5. Iain Fyfe, 6. Cassio, 8. Marcelo Carrusca (18. Fabian Barbiero +72’), 10. Dario Vidosic, 14. Cameron Watson, 21. Jeronimo Neumann (11. Bruce Djite +72’), 22. Fabio Ferreira (17. Iain Ramsay +85’), 23. Evan Kostopoulos

    Substitutes: 20. Paul Izzo (rgk)

    Coach: John Kosmina

    Yellow Cards: Cassio 37’, Boogaard 72’, Barbiero 83'
    Red Cards: Nil

    Referee: Peter Green 6/10
    Assistants: Brad Hobson, Nick Backo - (one of these guys must be taking a good hard look at himself)
    Fourth official: Kris Griffith-Jones

    BOTN Player Points:
    3. Dario Vidosic (Adelaide)
    2. Terry Antonis (Sydney)
    1. Jeronimo Neumann (Adelaide)

    Pitch rating: 6/10 - patchy

    Game rating: tba/10

    Match report, photos and ratings: Stephen Webb

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