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Who We Are

In The Back Of The Net (BOTN) was formed in September 2000 when the fine publication Inside Soccer folded. Many of the volunteer writers for IS agreed that there needed to be choice for fans and an independent web site giving football fans quality NSL match reports, statistics, and even opinion, was the best way to supply that economically. We have seen commercial sites come and go but BOTN survived the long national 'off season' between NSL and HAL as well as occasional breaks for our volunteers. We have some fine writers on board for the HAL and some state leagues in our 10th year, and also look to including Australian football in Asia from time to time. We are fans writing for fans!

We started to write on the NSL and NYL as there were virually no other web sites - but 11 years down the track with so much variety of web sites, blogs, forums, fb, twitter, and whatever new will come along we are still a no-frills site, concentrating on our niche - good quality match reports with accurate stats, and photos if possible, and we see W-League, NYL, and state or local leagues just as important to be available to fans! is run on donations 'in kind', be they web hosting, time of the writers, photographers, and web site workers, and their travel costs. Most of us are just committed football fans with a passion to see the beautiful game become properly recognised by all Australians and the national football competition thrive. Some of us can even write! We will give young (or old) talent a go, both sexes (we have had female writers of opinion pieces, but a female regular Team member only joined in 2008 and has now gone on to football media employment!), and will mentor if required! Vacancies exist for occasional or regular writers in some areas for the A-League (Perth and Adelaide esp.), W-League, NYL, NSWPL, NSWSL, VPL, SAPL, QPL, IPL and anywhere else. Occasional opinion pieces are very welcome. Contact us!
We love to help out amateur Football Writers, students and other contributors for this site.
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The fifty or more writers who have contributed to BOTN in various roles over the years include some who have gone on to greater things in the commercial media and others who have just enjoyed themselves and put something back into the game:

Chris Dunkerley, Nick Guoth, Paul Goodwin, John Mason, Jeremy Ruane, Michael Kmet, Arlo White, David Arnold, Alan Clark, Stephen Webb, Antony Bross, Micky Brock, Tony Tannous, Chris Kunz, Ben Coonan, David Marshall, Sebastian Hassett, Warwick Cathro, Fred Legget, Glen Cullen, Eamon Duffy, Trent M. Dickeson, Andrew Demack, 'Geedub'(G V) Wilson, 'Corinthian', Paul Green, Bruce R McFarling, Stuart Veitch, Tom Niedrich, 'Elric', 'Rufus On Fire', Lino Fusco, Chris Conti, Vitor Sobral, Mitchell Vleeskens, Paul Jefferies, Dan Murphy, Michael Huguenin, Nicholas Semjanov, Talia Cerritelli, 'Green Rover', Brett Taylor, Robert Szomolnoki, Peter Rowney, Adrian Demack, Ben Fitzpatrick, 'Monday Morning Manager', 'Greenrover', Malcolm Rowney, Mark Taylor, Chandini Feroz Khan, Glen Foreman, Nikki Brown, Ray Sandell, Alan Fleming, Shane Derham, Nicholas Duxson, Alex Robinson, Daniel Quinn, Zee Ko, Steven Nguyen, Tom Moxey, Daniel Paperny ........

........ and thanks to all the photographers .... including Antony Bross, Trent M. Dickeson, the guys from Spin Pix, Markian Jaworsky, Grant Stantiall, Paul McGarry, Stephen Webb, Michael Schilitto, Chris Dunkerley, Tom Niedrich, Alex Chapman, Lino Fusco, Jason Wright, Peter Rowney, Mark Taylor, Paul Green, Cam Wheeler, Nick Guoth, Paul Lau, Lamese Larney, Peter Cole, Lowenna Rappo, Steven Nguyen, Samantha Ackroyd .....


We thank the FFA for the continued media accreditation (as and when granted,) as well as that of the AFC, FNSW and FV; plus the Football Media Association (who we encourage our writers to join).

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